Another imprisonment case….

// 13 August 2008

This time in the US, Raymond Daniel Thurmond held his wife and four children in a single width trailer home since 2005 and didn’t allow them out. They lived off junk food and only one of the children, now aged 14, 13, 12, and 9, had been to school.

Photos taken at the scene by investigators and shown to this reporter revealed the family was living in unimaginable filth. The photos showed thousands of roaches and roach dirt covered every part of every room. They crawled in and out of drawers, cupboards, and furniture. Old pizza boxes were stacked in one corner of the living room with dozens of empty plastic soda bottles strewn about on the floor. In the kitchen, counters were covered in stacks of dirty dishes and old empty cans of food. Bags of garbage were strewn about the house, mixed in with dirty clothes and other trash. Workers have hauled away two Dumpsters full of trash so far, and the work still is not done, Dutton said. Investigators say the wife told them she was not allowed to clean.

From Independent Mail

The woman and children escaped when Thurmond decided to conduct an extra-marital affair. No further comment needed really….

Comments From You

Jennifer-Ruth // Posted 14 August 2008 at 9:02 am

That makes me shake with anger and want to cry at the same time. It’s so impossible to understand why someone would treat those he was meant to love the most like that.

I await the media chorus of “Why didn’t she just leave?” and “She should have done more for her children.”

Jennifer-Ruth // Posted 14 August 2008 at 9:12 am

Oh, sorry, it looks like I don’t have to wait for the victim-blaming to start after all! It already has, right in the comments under the article…

How do people can think like this is *almost* as beyond my comprehension as what Thurmond did.

“Good point, I agree that it’s funny how she didn’t walk out until he had an affair.He has a job so it’s not like he was there holding her captive 24/7.

It sounds like she may not have been as much a victim as she’s claiming…It could be that she’s too lazy to clean and that she’s just as guilty of child neglect as the husband but she’s pi$$ed off because he’s having an affair and is blaming it all on him.”

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