Is that bell hooks on your shirt?

// 21 August 2008

bellhooksetsy.jpgKMstitchery’s Etsy store has hoodies, t-shirts, dresses and skirts galore featuring women such as bell hooks, Angela Davis and Emma Goldman.

Wearing the image of people who help form your politics literally on your t-shirt has a mixed history to say the least, we have to acknowledge. But still, these are pretty good.

Check out the shop’s blog for photos from a fashion show.

Their tagline is “eco-friendly feminist fashion”. And check out this post on KM’s views about sweat-shops and American Apparel’s lack of feminist credentials, too.

Via AfterEllen

Comments From You

Shea // Posted 21 August 2008 at 7:31 pm

Bit of a mixed reaction towards this. Isn’t this further objectification of women for the purpose of capitalism, much like the eponymous Che Guevara decals which are everywhere and incredibly, unintentionally ironic.

Kath // Posted 22 August 2008 at 9:44 am

KM’s stated aim is to spread the word of feminism and to counter the plethora of shirts featuring “iconic” male activists (everything from the ubiquitous Che to Barak Obama ) Which isn’t to say she isn’t making money from it, but she uses only recycled materials (second hand clothing and packaging) and does all the artwork herself so it’s a far cry from mass-produced Che Guevara tees.

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