Totally unbelievable!

// 2 August 2008

Calum Best, son of footballer George Best and alleged serial shagger, has completed a TV series for MTV called Totally Calum Best in which he has pledged to abstain from sex for fifty days. The show first aired on 27th July 2008, although we are promised that “the best is yet to come.” Yep, that is a pun on the possibility of Best ejaculating. Intrigued yet?

I’m not. I’ve seen the advert for the show on MTV a couple of times, featuring Best, walking around some exotic beach as a self-elevated muff magnet, rebuffing approaches from beautiful, bikini-clad babes who we are led to believe are so super aroused at the sight of Best that they are more or less willing him to do them there and then. In short, the premise of this programme is vile and repulsive. Best, who supposedly has women literally falling at his feet, is going to resist, yes, resist as “best” he can (like that MTV?), in order to try challenge his public persona as a vacuous man who uses women for sex. The girls are semi-naked showcasing beautiful bodies toned within an inch of their lives in stark contrast to Best’s shorts and t-shirt combination. The implication is that the women have to be stripped to their scanites in order for their desirability to be apparent and for them to be considered attractive enough for Best (presumably making it more difficult for him to refrain). How arrogant! Am I the only one quite sceptical about Best getting this much female attention? The suggestion that women around the World are being somehow deprived of this man is, surely, completely and utterly unfounded?!

As well as portraying women as nothing more than sexual commodities, with an inability to resist any man who falls loosely into the category of celebrity, this also promotes negative stereotypes of heterosexual men, endorsing the idea that they view women as an unidentifiable mass of vaginas waiting to be penetrated. I’ve not seen the programme, so this is what I have been able to glean from advertising, but does anyone else find this show offensive?

[Edit: It would seem that maybe I was a day too keen with this post. There’s an interview with Best in the Obsever today, in which he admits what he wants from the show – to relaunch himself as an actor.]

Comments From You

Colin // Posted 3 August 2008 at 12:06 am

Agreed. This show has to be a new low for UK television.

In addition to promoting all the myths and stereotypes that Abby points out, it also seems to peddle the notion that going without sex for any length of time is somehow abnormal and ‘sad’.

Sandra // Posted 3 August 2008 at 9:39 am

Definitely! What I found disturbing is the assumption that it is impossible for a man to voluntarily abstain for sex for 50 days.

It lends itself to the whole idea that women wearing ‘sexy’ clothing are ‘asking for it’, after all we can’t ask these poor chaps to restrain themselves in the face of such provocation. It suggests it’s not natural to go without, and that makes it understandable when a man forces himself on a woman.

This is a dreadful enforcement of stereotypes and is insulting not only to women but also to the majority of decent men who are portrayed like neanderthals.

JENNIFER DREW // Posted 3 August 2008 at 11:03 am

Also, do not forget the prime reason for this sleazy and misogynstic programme is money. The producers and MTV too of course, hope that by promoting a show which is nothing more than dehumanising both women and men it will guarantee a huge audience.

But and the big but is women in this show are shown almost naked whereas ‘Best’ is depicted as a sexual subject in charge of his sexuality.

This show does nothing but reinforce misogynstic views that all men are supposedly ruled by their ‘male sex drive’ and women are dehumanised sexual toys whose sole reason for living is by being penetrated by men’s penises.

Patriarchal lies of course but then capitalism is all about making money out of patriarchal lies. End result is ‘Best’ and the women are exploited whereas the producers and MTV make huge amounts of money. Pornography being mainstreamed yet again.

Aimee // Posted 3 August 2008 at 1:07 pm

… Oh my goodness, me and my partner saw an advert for this programme the other day, and I don’t think we stopped laughing for about 20 minutes. Whilst I agree with all your points; being that the implication is that Best can strut around whilst us desperate women desperately try to get a taste of his complacent wang, I can’t help but laugh, simply because of the absurdity of it all. I have to say that I consider Callum Best to be one of the least attractive men in the world. Ever. Not because, necessarily of what he looks like, although that doesn’t really appeal to me, but because his hilarious desperation for a bit of fame on the back of his dad’s woesome last years is frankly, revolting. This is the man who has released his own man perfume named after him. I can’t feel offended by the man, because I am laughing too hard at him.

That goes for all of these so called ‘celebrities’ who have released their own perfume. Unless they’ve got a degree in chemistry and have mixed it themselves in a laboratory, it’s not ‘by’ them.

Alex T // Posted 3 August 2008 at 1:19 pm

Let’s not forget that MTV has a terrible track record for misogynist programmes. The following spring to mind from when I was living abroad last year and MTV was the only English-speaking channel. Don’t even ask me what gems have been on since then. ‘Date my Mom’ (girls don’t even get to meet the boy, boy chooses date on the basis of the 3 mothers he meets. There was no equivalent where girls got to choose dates based on meeting boys’ parents.), ‘Flavor of Love’ (Old rapper Flava Flave whittles down 50 or so 20-something women to find a ‘wife’, challenges include inserting a body part through a hole in a wall for him to feel. Nice.)

What a bunch of cretins.

Aimee // Posted 3 August 2008 at 1:46 pm

There was also ‘Rock of Love’ on VH1, where various girls had to ‘live’ in a house with naff, untalented Poison frontman, Bret Michaels. The girls had to do various ‘challenges’ in order to impress him, for example one challenge involved the girls taking it in turns to give him phone sex, whilst the tumescence of his member was recorded via a device, and the winner was the girl who made his willy the most hard. Then every week he gave each girl a ‘pass’ to continue living in the house with him, and sent one girl home. It was disgusting. Even more disgusting because the man is a massive, i mean really massive tosser. It was punctuated by various painful renditions of ‘ever rose has it’s thorn’… it was really terrible television. The only good bit was the end, when the girl he chose as the ‘winner’ revealed that she didn’t actually like him, she just wanted to make some cash.

Lynsey Rose // Posted 4 August 2008 at 1:41 pm

Calum Best is gross. An actor? He’s just a balding parasite.It’s not exactly Josh Hartnett in 40 days & 40 Nights is it?

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