Man convicted in ‘rape gang’ case

// 12 September 2008

Lubomir Kora could be sentenced to up to 19 years in prison, for his part in raping a series of prostitutes in Bradford, reports the Telegraph & Argus. Arrest warrents have been issued for three other men allegedly part of the gang.

This is such a terrible case, but at least one of the men will end up behind bars:

In February and March this year there were a spate of incidents involving prostitutes who got into the vehicle after being picked up by one or two men.

The jury heard harrowing evidence of how some of the women were gang raped after Kora’s accomplices jumped out from their hiding place in the back of the vehicle.

One prostitute’s shocking ordeal was photographed by Kora using his mobile phone.

Jurors were shown more than 20 sexually-explicit pictures of the attack.

Kora claimed in court that the woman posed for one of the photographs.

What a shame that the newspaper chose this headline, then:

Vice girls’ ‘rape gang’ on the run

Why is the emphasis on the fact that the women raped by these men were prostitutes, and why are they described as “vice girls”?!

(Via Lilith’s Women’s Weekly News)

Comments From You

JENNIFER DREW // Posted 12 September 2008 at 6:43 pm

Correct headline should have read men convicted of gang rapes. But of course we mustn’t place accountability where it belongs must we. Instead let’s have scurrilous headlines which focus on the women’s involvement in prostitution.

Even worse this newspaper reported one of the men supposedly ‘had sex with one of the women whilst another filmed his activities. In fact the man was raping this woman whilst another male rapist filmed the rape. But of course newspapers are apparently unable to differentiate between rape and ‘sex’ since it is increasingly blurred and so becomes just sex never rape. It is irrelevant these women were involved in prostitution, since the crimes committed against them were deliberate group rapes committed by men who believed it was their right to rape and abuse these women.

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