Sexual Politics of Meat – German edition

// 12 September 2008

A German butcher has been reprimanded for advertising its products using a naked woman with “Meat Products, Fresh Service” branded across her body, reports Reuters.

The German equivilent of the Advertising Standards Association here in the UK had this to say:

“Such an advert blatantly violates the council’s codes on discrimination and degradation in advertising,” the council said in a statement. “Equating a woman with fresh meat is degrading and highly misogynist.”

The firm near Stuttgart has agreed to remove the slogan, but is keeping the woman, whose back and shoulders are visible.

Maybe the ASA could take some lessons on board from their German counterparts, eh?

Via Jezebel

Comments From You

Alice Dale // Posted 12 September 2008 at 1:48 pm

Well, a Ryanair ad was upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (not association) in January for using a young woman in a ‘sexy school girl’ outfit. They felt it was offensive to link young school girls with sex. I’m pretty sure they would uphold against a butcher using a naked woman too.

(Also, Melinda Messenger first became famous for posing in her underwear to sell double glazing, which was also upheld by the ASA.)

Aimee // Posted 12 September 2008 at 6:41 pm

The ASA make me furious! I vote for germans to be in charge of the ASA!

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