Some responses to Sarah Palin, in video

// 14 September 2008

Saturday Night Live:

Tina Fey Sarah Palin
Uploaded by weazel_luv

Feministing’s “Is Sarah Palin a Feminist? Friday Feminist Fuck NO!”

Target Women: Sarah Palin

The Daily Show:

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Marlow // Posted 15 September 2008 at 7:08 pm

Personally, I think you’ve got to be mad to vote for someone just because of their sex. I think the Clinton supporters should be given a little bit more credit, to be honest.

The SNL sketch was genius, I thought it was hilarious and really well done. It pointed out a good number of things, especially the sudden interest in sexism now Palin is in the running.

If Palin wasn’t as good looking as she is then she’d be getting absolutely slaughtered by the press right now. If Clinton hadn’t known what the Bush doctrine was the press would have had an absolute field day!

I find her frankly disgusting – Alaska apparently has the highest rate of rape and incest in the US so what does she do? Charge women for sexual assault kits. The woman obviously has absolutely no concept of what rape is like for a woman considering she’s quite happy to do that and to make the woman carry the rapists baby if it comes to that. She’s a joke; she knows nothing about foreign policy and her experience is mainly in being mayor of a small town. Her appointment as McCain’s running mate is a desperate attempt at picking up some more of the female votes.

If McCain does win, America had better hope he stays in good health.

Anne Onne // Posted 16 September 2008 at 4:36 pm

The problem with the SNL sketch is that most people won’t get the joke (misogynists pointing out sexism, ignoring sexism directed at Hillary), but it’s nice to see even something vaguely progressive once in a while.

The Daily show clip is an EXCELLENT (I cannot reccommend it enough) example of how the Right Wing commentators were falling over themselves to laud Palin for things that they criticised Democrats for doing, such as pointing out sexism, family position, her relatively short experience, coming from a small city etc. The bias in the media over there is simply incredible, and I still can’t help but wonder how completely contradicting themselves so often hasn’t set off some extreme cognitive dissonance.

It just goes to show that many of the people who are standing up for her against sexism (real or imaginary) aren’t standing up for her because they believe misogyny is wrong, but because she’s on their side. They had no compunctions about stating that Ms Clinton should just put up with sexism because she was playing with the ‘big boys’, and ignoring sexism when it doesn’t benefit them.

Evidently, she still needs defending when she is is under a sexist attack. But it’s also very important to point out the way that sexism is only noticed when someone who tows the party line is under fire. That’s the same reason some progressives feel it’s OK to be sexist towards conservative women, and it’s no less acceptable, whatever party a woman belongs to.

zohra // Posted 18 September 2008 at 8:55 pm

awesome. keep ’em coming!

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