Get involved: disABILITY in feminist, queer & DIY communities

// 9 October 2008

This project, organised by members of the Feminist Activist Forum, sounds interesting:

We are writing to invite people to become part of an organising committee who are planning on creating a series of resources & discussions around disABILITY issues in feminist, queer & d.i.y communities.

The organising committee can be on hand for general advice, producing materials, contributing workshop ideas, writing zine articles or more in-depth organising of events – as much or as little as you would like to offer….we would like as many different people involved, so if you think that you know someone who would be interested then please forward this email on.


In particular we would like to create resource pack for a workshop entitled ‘disability in d.i.y contexts for feminist and queer groups’.

This pack would cover the main areas groups should consider when putting on events so that it will be accessible to disabled people, a glossary, information about support networks & general practical advice.

By ‘d.i.y contexts’ we are referring here to low budget situations that necessitate getting together to learn how to support each other as a community through skill and knowledge sharing in relation to disability (and other of course!) issues.

We imagine the main resource would take the form of a power point presentation that can then be downloaded and used by feminist & queer groups in different community settings, although we also intend to produce the workshop in a variety of different formats, for example we will audio

record it as well.

On top of this, we would like to create a zine resource and potential workshops (based on zine articles) around the following issues:

* invisible disabilities

* feminism & ableism

* ableist language and rhetoric

* history of disabled women’s involvement in the feminist movement

* what is ableism?

* disability and class

* trans & disability

….as well as any other contributions that people want to add….




Organisation & discussion day.

At this day we will discuss plans for the development of resources as

well as hold discussions around

* what is ableism?

* disability & class

It is open to everyone, whatever your level of knowledge on these subjects



LONDON (see here for

details of this event).

We are aiming for our resource pack to be ready for this event so that we

may deliver the workshop there.

if you are interested in taking part in whatever capacity, please email

us here at

we look forward to hearing from you,

Comments From You

Winter // Posted 9 October 2008 at 3:50 pm

Thanks for posting this Jess. We’re just getting started on this project but it’s already looking very interesting.

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