Amanda Palmer update

// 3 December 2008

Just to clear up any confusion following my post on the Amanda Palmer belly story, Amanda has confirmed on her myspace blog that she is still with Roadrunner, though she did ask them to drop her following disagreements with the label’s owner over her music:

a few weeks later i had a meeting with the owner of the label. he said he thought it was a shame that someone as smart and talented as me could not make a commercial record that they could sell. and he thinks that someday i’ll see the light and write some better songs.

i told him i made exactly the record i wanted to make.

more than exactly. i think i’ve made an INCREDIBLE FUCKING record.

i really do.

he shook his head and felt sorry for me.

i feel sorry for them. they are trying to sell pieces of plastic in a digital world.

but they’re barking up the wrong tree if they think they can katy perry or avril lavigne me into the walmarts of the world.

not into it.

never was.


i never wanted to sell millions of records as my primary goal, nor did i want to be a pop star.

i am very fucking happy with what they sneeringly call my “cottage industry” life.

so i think the relationship is rather doomed, from a creative standpoint.

i asked to be dropped a few weeks ago, so i could move forward in freedom.

they refused.

they have until june to decide whether to drop me or not.

Comments From You

Aideen // Posted 3 December 2008 at 3:53 pm

Oh my God. AS IF they could make Amanda Palmer into Avril Lavigne! They clearly don’t have a clue what the fuck is going on…

shatterboxx // Posted 3 December 2008 at 10:14 pm

Ugh, what assholes.

Good for her! Amanda Palmer rocks, I hope she can find a better working relationship elsewhere cos I can’t wait for her next album.

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