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// 1 December 2008

everywoman - her weapon: rising upJust a quick note to say I’ve finally put up the comments on features and reviews received during October. You can find them here!

Anaya’s piece about magazines for young girls got an overwhelming (and positive) response.

Karen James’ article about the bad experience she had when she went to get emergancy contraception also prompted a big response – mostly, dishearteningly, from women sharing similar stories.

As usual, though, there’s a massive wealth of comments here on articles new and old.

Comments From You

Ruth // Posted 1 December 2008 at 5:06 pm

Am I the only one balking at Cara’s infantilising and offensive assumption that a “stay at home wifey” (sic) won’t be a feminist/have made a feminist choice?

Rubbish! It was directly as a result of being a SAHM (due to having a disabled child and a partner working abroad, not because I had, as Cara appears to think, checked my brains and self-respect in at the front door) that my committment to feminism was renewed and strenghtened.

Can we have a bit less of this kind of ignorant snobbery, please?


Terese // Posted 3 December 2008 at 11:12 am

I think that comment is very ignorant on a number of levels and I’m glad Jess responded to it. This is exactly the kind of attitude that will alienate any number of women from so-called feminists. The suggestion that feminism would need to be “dumbed down” in order to appeal to non-white and working class women is incredibly offensive (and the fact that the poster tried to absolve herself of classism by saying that she has a working class black friend really doesn’t help)

The problem that Cara seems to miss is that feminist campaigns led by white middle class feminists who have not examined their privilege or considered the fact that not everyone is like them, rarely result in benefits for women who are not white and middle class!

As just one example, it is well documented that the ‘abortion on demand’ campaigns of the 1970s had a direct adverse affect on many black and working class women, who doctors were very eager to give abortions and harmful sterilisation drugs to. Many of these women had to fight to have the choice to HAVE children.

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