Abortion Debate

// 7 June 2009

I wrote a piece for Reuters yesterday about the murder of Dr George Tiller and the implications for current abortion issues here. My piece here or the “balanced”* debate here.

*”Balanced” is very much a matter of opinion I think.

Comments From You

polly styrene // Posted 7 June 2009 at 7:52 am

Well Josephine Quintavalle obviously has her priorities right.

“My first reaction to the murder of Dr Tiller I have to admit was not so much sorrow for the taking of his life and compassion for his family, but a sense of despair as to how it would affect proceedings at a Court hearing I was involved in the next day on behalf of the ProLife Alliance; how it would be capitalized on by our Department of Health.”

So what was that about being PRO LIFE again, Josephine?

The thing that really hacks me off about the ‘pro lifers’. They’re all anti contraception as well. I heard some women from the pro life alliance on Radio 5 saying the morning after pill was “murder”.

It’s a completly illogical stance. But of course it’s not really abortion they’re against, it’s women enjoying sex without being *punished* for it.

Jennifer Drew // Posted 7 June 2009 at 5:55 pm

It is worth repeating ad nauseum that 83% of the general public in the UK support abortion on demand for women. I note too Josephine Qunitavalle considers the ongoing court proceedings to be far more important than the deliberate act of terrorism committed against Dr. Tiller wherein he was gunned down and murdered.

All window dressing of course, since the sole aim of anti-abortionists is to ensure continued male control and policing of women’s bodies, sexualites and of course their lives. Controlling women’s reproduction is central to controlling and enforcing male-dominant notions of how women should behave according to men’s beliefs.

Pro-abortionists are not telling women how to live their lives but we certainly advocate the right for all women to control their sexuality, reproductivity and of course lives wherein they are not subject to male oppression and control.

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