London flashmob protest against violence against women

// 12 June 2009

Flashmobs are usually strictly arranged for fun and laughs. But The FemaleArtCollective is planning one for tomorrow noon in London, which has a more serious purpose:

You’ve seen the massed crowds dancing in adverts. You’ve seen the people freezing at train stations and the giant pillow fights. Now you are invited to take part in something subtler and hopefully more meaningful.

In London, this Saturday 13th of June ‘The FemaleArtCollective’ will pay respect to ALL women who have been victims of violence and demand it stops.

Men are also invited and encouraged to participate. Violence against women and the way it is treated publicly have social repercussions for both genders.

You are asked to turn up at Mitre Square- EC3A (a site where a woman was murdered).

Please bring an item of your choice, 
a ribbon, flower, candle, photo, poem… and place it on the bench and the flower bed that will be marked at the site to create a one off memorial.

Then you are invited to pay a 1 minute silence and leave the site.

This is event will run from 12 to 12.30 pm.

The action will be recorded and shown as part of a mix-media art piece which addresses issues to do with violence against women. These include the lack of respect with which the victims and these events are treated, the glamorization of violence by the media, and the invisibility and the denial of the fear and the taboo.

The FemaleArtCollective has been created by four female London based artists.

If you are interested in participating please just come along. For further information send an email

Please, pass this information on. Thanks!!

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Comments From You

reggie // Posted 11 September 2009 at 1:21 pm

sly and reggie write protest music and perform the tracks on the street from the back of a morris pickup

we have written about schools and street cleaners and plastic bags .

Best of luck with your flash mob events

Just letting you know!



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