fbomb: new US blog for teen feminists

// 15 July 2009

fbomb is a blog written by and for teen feminists. It’s based in the US, though not all the writers are American, and was set up by self-proclaimed ‘proud teen feminist’ Julie Zeilinger:

The FBomb.org is a blog/community created for teenage girls who care about their rights as women and want to be heard. Young feminists who are just a little bit pissed off and very outspoken are more than welcome here.

She’s been blogging on the site for some time now, but it officially launched this month and now features posts by other teen feminists. It covers a huge range of issues, from politics and body image to female icons and sex education, and the writing is witty and incisive – well worth checking out if you’re a teen feminist yourself or interested in younger feminist voices (which we all should be!). I particularly enjoyed Cassandra M’s post on overcoming social anxiety and her analysis of why this is a feminist issue:

Social anxiety is a disability, and disability is a feminist issue. I have known men with social anxiety, and I have known women with social anxiety, and their experiences can differ due to the socialization women undergo. It’s especially hard for teenage girls.

There’s such pressure. Men on the street tell me to ‘smile!’, magazine articles blare out unhelpfully that these are the BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE, and that I will be the hottest I ever am, and parents tsk unhelpfully when you hang back during social events.

The site encourages teen feminist voices and welcomes submissions of creative writing, reviews, personal stories, artwork and more. Good stuff!

Comments From You

Rachel // Posted 18 July 2009 at 3:31 pm

Wow @ Cassandra’s post!

Posts like that make me wonder why the rest of my friends aren’t saying the exact same things (though I bet they’re thinking them). I hate this culture shaming women young and old for openly speaking about how hurt we are(being feminists).

TeenDad // Posted 12 August 2009 at 1:52 am

I’m now 19 and experiencing being a dad. I must say although it feels good it’s still hard. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but to be honest, the hard part is having to balance time. My daughter is great and makes managing her never dreadful. -Teen dad

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