Rape and more rape

// 7 April 2010

Two quick stories I’ve been meaning to bring up:

  • Three men in Newham are thought to be the first to be arrested under the new Clause 13, which criminalises men who pay for sex with trafficked sex workers. Although this report suggests that none of them have actually been charged and only one got a caution.
  • This cartoon, of President Obama supposedly raping the Statue of Liberty hits all the wrong racist and sexist buttons. As well as reinforcing the myth of the black man as rapist, Amanda at Pandagon points out:

    When [conservatives] use rape metaphors when describing health care, they contextualize rape as a brutal crime, a display of power over the victim for the sheer pleasure of forcing her to submit […] So, they clearly know what rape is all about, when they’re casting themselves as the victims. But when real life women are real life victims of rape, suddenly they go stupid and think it’s all a matter of too much alcohol or mixed signals.

    (Hat tip to Pandagon, Feministe and Elle Gray)

Comments From You

kate // Posted 9 April 2010 at 12:11 am

think the second link there is going to the wrong page?

Lynne Miles // Posted 19 April 2010 at 6:02 pm

Hi Kate. That’s really weird …. I think it used to go to the right place? I don’t remember ever reading the article in question, and now I’m googling the original article I can only find references to it on other sites (nothing on the Telegraph site itself) and those other links also lead onto the motoring story. I’m not sure whether this means the article has been withdrawn or why… I am at a loss!

Thanks for pointing it out, though. (PS sorry for delayed posting of comment, have been on leave and not near computer)

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