New feature – Empowering just one person: An interview with Zoe Margolis

// 16 September 2010

The outspoken feminist and author of Girl With a One Track Mind and Girl With a One Track Mind: Exposed spoke to Catherine Redfern about feminism, sex, activism and writing

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What are your hopes for your new book Girl With a One Track Mind: Exposed, apart from being an entertaining read?

I wanted a right to reply to what happened to me, the turmoil in my life [she was outed by The Sunday Times after publication of her first book]; I wanted a place to set the record straight. I also wanted to make people think. My experience was a microcosm of what happens to women generally in society and women in the public eye especially: being outed, threatened and blackmailed. That type of shit goes on every single day in celebrity magazines and women’s magazines. Women should be questioning that when they buy into it – they’re buying into someone else’s misfortune and a very misogynistic view of women. I wanted to show that’s the reality. Women need to stop literally buying into it and supporting it. We need to question ‘why are we always talking about what women look like, what they wear and their sex lives?’

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