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// 9 February 2011


speechbubbles.jpgLatest comments on features and reviews are up now and ready for your perusal.

Massive thanks as usual to Helen G for her work coding up comments into a manageable form.

This month’s trip into the archive takes us back to 2007, and Carrie Dunn’s feature on the media’s sexist attitudes to women’s football. It just seems topical somehow.

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Comments From You

Michael // Posted 11 February 2011 at 9:07 am

I have to say that its very distressing to read all the many comments you’ve had regarding Honeymoon Cystitis since your article in August 2010. I submitted a comment about the experiences of my wife which was published in the August 2010 comments, however unfortunately it appeared under the wrong heading (“Images of pregnancy, representations of birth, by Sara De Benedictis”), so many readers may have missed it.

The gist of the comment was that this was something which my wife suffered from terribly for many years, however through experimentation we have now found a solution which works very well indeed (she hasn’t suffered from it at all for almost 3 years now) and which I have never seen mentioned in any literature or comments on this site or elsewhere. Would it be possible to republish it specifically labelled as referring to Honeymoon Cystitis, in the hope that it helps some of these women? Thanks for your help.

The comment was:

“Profound sympathies – my wife has suffered from a similar problem on-and-off since we first met 14 years ago and I’ve seen how horrible it can be. Her first bout required hospitalisation and an operation, which worked only temporarily.

One question though – are you sure its bacterial cystitis and not (non-bacterial) inflamation of the bladder caused by pressure during sex? I ask because in my wife’s case it is the latter, and usually has been caused by (vigorous) intercourse. This sounds like it might be similar to what you’re experiencing given your description. In our case it mainly seemed to happen after really good sex where she orgasmed.

We’ve only recently realised that we can manage it by ensuring that we stop all intercourse as soon as she cums. Since we tried / discovered this she’s not had a single bout (two years now).

Sorry for the intimate details but I hope this might help manage your condition.”

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