J30: support the strikers

// 29 June 2011

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Just a quick one to send out virtual solidarity vibes to everyone planning to strike tomorrow. To those not striking, get yourself down to a picket/rally if you can to show your support. There’s details on the J30 website here. I’ll be heading over to the Peace Gardens in Sheffield at 1pm.

And to people in the private sector moaning that public sector workers have it too good anyway: do you really think that pulling everyone down to the minimum level of rights offered in many private companies is the way to build a fair society? Wouldn’t you rather fight for better conditions – and a better life – for everyone?

Here’s hoping this is just the start!

Comments From You

Samantha // Posted 29 June 2011 at 10:29 pm

I like that, it’s concise and to the point! It’s such a shame that I’m on materntiy leave and so can’t ‘fully’ particupate in the strike (I’m a teacher)

The way our government and the media are behaving are disgraceful, but… *sigh* what can you expect?

Verity // Posted 29 June 2011 at 10:37 pm

I will be on the PCS picket line bright and early tomorrow morning, striking against job cuts, pension cuts, privatisation of public services, cuts to redundancy compensation payments, cuts to terms and conditions and the pay freeze.

Solidarity and good wishes to all strikers and their families. A day’s pay is a big sacrifice, let’s make it count!

shatterboxx // Posted 1 July 2011 at 1:18 pm

I saw a procession yesterday from my office window. I work for a private company and a lot of my colleagues were dismissive of the whole thing and sneering that “they always want something” and they should all shut up and the like… I felt really sad because I really wanted to go down there and join them! I haven’t been working for at my job for very long and every day I’m terrified about being sacked because the lack of disability support is making me ill just from being there. We need to keep the pressure up for the public sector – if we let things drop, there’ll be no way for disabled people to even dream of getting support in the workplace.

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