Weekly Round-Up, 11-18 July 2011

// 18 July 2011

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Hello Dear F-Worders….

Hope you are all fine and well this very lovely Monday morning. Here’s this week’s list of stories we wanted to write about, but just did not have the time. As always, if there are any other stories you’d like to highlight, or any comments you’d like to make, let us know…

Slide Show: Mark Twain’s ‘Advice to Little Girls’(New York Review of Books)

Jiggle your breasts for President Putin (Global Post)

Sandi Toksvig: 30 years in showbusiness (The Telegraph)

World War II’s Badass Female Tattoo Artist Gallery (Jezebel)

Geena Davis lobbies for Bill to improve image of women in the media (The Wrap)

The Shea Butter Economy: Big Money and Exploitation (New America Media)

Toronot women’s shelter starts bike-sharing program (grist)

Forward poetry prize: who got rid of the women? (Guardian)

The 17th-Century Breastoration: A Time Before Bras (the hairpin)

Call for submissions for the Athena film festival (Athena Film Festival)

Saudi Arabia bans women from working in 24 “dangerous” (asharq alawsat)

Perils of baby sex presence (New Scientist)

Assange Lawyer Concedes “Disrespectful,” “Disturbing” Sexual Acts (Student Activism)

Myth-Busting Monday: Abortion is available “on demand” in the UK (Education for Choice)

Antidepressents are a lifeline for a woman like me (Guardian)

Woman sacked for “refusing to dye grey hair” (Women’s Views on News)

The pro-choice push back starts here (Bad Reputation)

Have a good week!

Photo by RambergMediaImages and shared under a Creative Commons License.

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