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// 5 September 2011


A balloon from the inside

Welcome to this week’s round-up of links to stories we didn’t quite get around to blogging about! Please dig in, also feel free to leave more links in the comments and have a general chat.

As always, linking to a particular blog post or story does not imply endorsement.

The definition of being a dick in comments – Technovia

Women of Some Importance

Is it OK to touch? – Headliners

Wate-on: ‘True beauty includes a full figure’ – Sociological Images

Women move from rape to slavery in DRC – Women’s Views on News

Sindhi women publicly announce free-will marriages

– Dawn.com

The power of solidarity: No Women, No Peace. campaign workshops

Sex: talking for ourselves – Disability Now

Sexuality and gender survey – University of Queensland

ICTs and feminist activism: a reflection on the benefits and shortfalls – AWID

Cat Women of the Moon – BBC, for the feminist scifi fans out there

Downing Street forces U-turn on Nadine Dorries abortion proposalsThe Guardian

John McTernan: Time to reclaim a promised powerThe Scotsman

Factcheck: Cutting through the rhetoric on abortion – C4

How to be a man – The Good Men Project

Dear Nadine Dorries – We are Queer Feminists, Hear us… Politely Object

This is rape culture and everyone is laughing – Blue Milk

The clitoris, the vagina and orgasm: feelings and frameworks – Scarlateen

Domestic violence victims at risk of losing unemployment support – Community Care’s Adult Care Blog

It’s not the government’s job to tell women what counselling they need – HuffPost

Death threats online, attacks on women bloggers escalating – IttyBiz

Seeking new short plays by women – She Writes

Is ‘chav’ a feminist issue? – Bed Reputation

Norway and Mary Wollstonecraft: My heroine of the high seasTelegraph

Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor

Two videos to close off this week’s round-up, the first from the awesome Le Butcherettes, who have been in heavy circulation round these parts this week (which those who like The F-Word on Facebook probably already realised!)

Go to eight seconds in to skip the intro card:

And, a classic from the Breeders:

Photo by Heartlover1717, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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