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// 9 October 2011

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This year is the first time I’ve been sucked into The X Factor, and I’m going to come right out and admit it’s because I think Tulisa is, in the language of yoof, well fit. Now I can’t stop watching it (although by “watching” I obviously mean shouting opinions at the TV until I’m blue in the face). So to assuage the guilt factor (lolz), I thought I’d better do a wee hungover blog about last night’s show. Let’s start with the wins:

1) Misha B. This woman is absolutely awesome and I would pay money to see her perform tomorrow.

2) Half naked male dancers performing with 2 Shoes. Adding a teeny bit of balance to all the sexualised female backing dancers.

3) Did I mention Tulisa is well fit?

Moving swiftly on to the fails:

1) Louis telling a contestant that his recent weight loss demonstrated that he was taking the show seriously. Because nothing says “taking the piss” like the audacity of a non-thin person to get up on a stage and sing.

2) A gay contestant being heterosexualised by performing a sexy dance routine with a bunch of half naked women. This is 2011, and there were plenty of male dancers he could have swaggered at, but I guess that wouldn’t be thinking of the children…

3) Sophie Habibis’ make-over. I loved that Sophie auditioned in a jumper and looked totally confident and at ease with herself, but apparently this just isn’t acceptable for a potential pop star and last night she was absolutely plastered in make-up and wearing a pair of ridiculously incapacitating shoes. Perhaps she loves it and wanted to look like this, in which case fine, but I thought it was a shame she had to be altered and glammed up in such a generic way to appear like a star.

4) The godawful Always ad in the break encouraging women everywhere to rejoice because now our blood-soaked sani pads can be beautiful too! I’m just so incredibly relieved to find out that I no longer have to let my standards slip during those precious few days.

And I think that’s probably enough blog inches devoted to a show I vowed I would never watch. *signs off*

Comments From You

Chain Bear // Posted 9 October 2011 at 10:09 am

The thing I’ve never liked about the X-Factor is more generalised than its effect on gender/sexuality/looks etc. It’s how they just can’t bear to let people be themselves. They over produce each performance and dress and make up each performer to ridiculous levels. They try and turn everything into what they think the public wants, rather than let them be themselves.

Southern Fried // Posted 9 October 2011 at 3:00 pm

“Half naked male dancers performing with 2 Shoes. Adding a teeny bit of balance to all the sexualised female backing dancers”

TBH, I fail to see how this is necessarily a good thing. Surely a key principle of feminist thought is that objectification of human beings is problematic in and of itself, rather than that equal numbers of people both genders should be presented in a way that objectifies them.

Laura // Posted 9 October 2011 at 6:29 pm

@ Southern Fried – It depends whether you think dancers being half naked and dancing in a sexual way automatically objectifies them or not. You could choose to view them as sexual human subjects, rather than objects. I think a lot depends on the context and objectification isn’t as clear cut as some feminists make it out to be – being portrayed as sexually desirable doesn’t necessarily objectify. We could have a long and interesting debate about whether the dancers in X Factor are objectified or not, but on the face of it I think at least featuring both men and women is better than just featuring women, as it challenges the default of women = sex.

LUVM // Posted 10 October 2011 at 2:09 pm

They take people’s genuine style and cool, and turn it into a charicature: see Amelia, Frankie james etc.

Summer // Posted 13 October 2011 at 12:38 pm

The Xfactor isn’t about good singing and performing it’s about trying to look sexy and flaunting, it always has been but now it’s got worse. I prefer Britain’s Got Talent, tbh. And I hate those bloody Sani-ads, if it’s not mother nature it’s towel riding a bucking bronco or a rollar coaster. Can we not have classy or at least funny?

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