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// 12 December 2011


Here’s a collection of interesting links we didn’t have time to blog about this weeks – feel free to add your own in comments!

Disclaimer: Some content may be triggering. Linking does not imply endorsement.

H&M puts real model heads on fake bodies – Jezebel

Police violently strip an Occupy Melbourne protester of her tent costume:

The morning after pill is free over Christmas – Women’s Views on News

Last night my friend was raped – ladieswotlunch

Hilary Clinton speaks to the UN on LGBT rights:

Jana’s story:

Intersectionality is not optional – This Ain’t Livin’

Are sex offenders and lads’ mags using the same language? – Middlesex University

Killers of transgender people to get longer sentences – BBC

‘Gay’ penguin pair adopts a baby chick in China – Time

Why women don’t like appearing on TV – Guardian

A tragic case of medical misconduct – Dr Petra

Women’s work? Women’s strike! Bright Green

I am who I am: children and gender identity (in life & art) – Open Salon

Who wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? – Open Democracy

Miss-conception – Restored

Safe spaces? – Lashings of Ginger Beer

New helpline support for rape victims opens in York and North Yorkshire this week – womensgrid

Women to be allowed to serve on submarines – MoD

Abortions do not increase chances of mental illness, says survey – Guardian

The fashion industry should not be allowed to sell us fake women’s bodies – Guardian

Muff March – Guardian

Thoughts on Muff March – Feminist Ire

Banning prostitution in France will ‘endanger lives’ – France24

Cops charge women with self-abortion after finding her stillborn baby in trash – Gothamist

Cut the snarky fashion judgement crap – Fat Heffalump

Bodleian treasures: Suffragettes demand the vote – Channel 4

Dear Parks & Rec – Shakesville

Gael García-Bernal Feminista.jpg

Gael García-Bernal Feminista

Women and economic opportunity: international comparison – Sociological Images

Stream the Le Tigre documentary here

The women who rioted – Guardian

Turkey: making mosques a place for women – EurasiaNet

Forced marriage ‘to be a crime’ – Independent

Unreal faces and bodies: should the truth about photoshopped fashion photos be exposed? – AlterNet

All change! (trans need not apply) – Jane Fae

Photo of start of girls’ snowshoe race from Powerhouse Museum

Comments From You

JessLeeds // Posted 13 December 2011 at 7:16 pm

This might be me being thick but I can find loads of news articles about this ‘free morning after pill’ thing (brilliant idea, cheap condoms + party nails = £25!!!!! grrrr) but no number where you can actually order one from??!!

Any ideas?

Laura // Posted 13 December 2011 at 9:25 pm

JessLeeds – you could get it here, but they’re all out for Christmas!


JessLeeds // Posted 14 December 2011 at 3:48 pm

Ha! Of course they’ve run out!

The whole ‘like ordering a pizza’ thing is massively insulting. Ordering the morning after pill online isn’t like ordering a pizza, because the take away won’t ask you if you are specifically allergic to any of the toppings, and you can’t control your future with a pizza…or can you…

lil1 // Posted 14 December 2011 at 8:13 pm

From the France24 story – now I’m very for freedom to be paid for sex – but to pay for, buy, sex is not and should not be considered, a right. The main message I get from that story is: don’t enact law that’ll focus on the main purpetrators, of exploitation – give men what they want, or they get violent. And there is no way we could possibly combat that…

Maybe if we got over that idea we’d eventually find that men are not the irrefeutable and invincible threat they continue to be treated as. Maybe they are, you know, answerable. And certain actions need to be combated and not pussyfooted around. I’m sick of hearing that certain measures are inoperable because it focuses on men at large and because there is so much of it. What about the unbelieveable pains gone to to regulate and control women and girls, to so much further a degree?

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