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// 13 January 2012


Porn: one of the most controversial subjects of feminist debate. To be honest, many feminists I know are so bored of retreading the same arguments that they shy away from the topic altogether.

Last month Lisa wrote for us from the anti-porn, pro-sex perspective:

Just please accept that not everyone wants to see it. It’s not dirty, it’s just rubbish.

But Annie Sprinkle famously said:

The answer to bad porn isn’t no porn. It’s to make better porn.

We just posted an interview by Sophie Mayer with the director of a collection of short films, meant to be explicitly feminist, called Dirty Diaries which attempts to prove Sprinkle right and the genre isn’t intrinsically or exclusively made up of exploitative rubbish. The queer feminist film festival organisers Club des Femmes have organised a screening of Dirty Diaries tonight.

Mia Engberg, a film director and the curator of this programme of shorts, has this to say about her personal views on this fraught conundrum:

I’ve been in the feminist movement since the late 1980s. At [the] start we were very anti-porn, smashing the windows of pornshops. When queer feminism entered the scene in the 1990s in Sweden, we became much more sex-positive and it was possible to make our own porn. Since I have seen both ‘sides’ I can say we are much stronger now when we can produce things we actually like, and say yes to what we like and not only no to what we don’t like.

Read the whole thing here

Image is a still from one of the shorts in the programme, Dildoman

Comments From You

Shadow // Posted 15 January 2012 at 11:37 am

‘To be honest, many feminists I know are so bored of retreading the same arguments that they shy away from the topic altogether.’ Yes just as the issue of male violence is so boring; the issue of female poverty is so boring’ so instead let’s all just focus on ensuring male supremacy is not challenged but instead continue denying the fact porn is a crucial tool of male supremacist system.

The claim ‘feminists are so bored……’ is a blatant denial and ensures male supremacist system remains intact and unchallenged. Do you not even consider why porn is still a much debated issue? Do you not even consider the fact feminists and I mean real feminists not the fun kind know that we have to constantly reiterate like a broken record that porn is a tool of male supremacy and porn is used to justify male sexual domination over women. There is no such thing as ‘feminist porn’ and quoting that well known anti-feminist Annie Sprinkle who has profited by sexually exploiting women and pandering to the menz is not feminist.

But instead let’s all forget about porn and instead tell women ‘hey you can’t eliminate porn so instead you women need to learn how to enact a pornified life style because that is what men want and demand because we women only exist to be men’s disposable sexualised commodities.’ Feminists forget about women’s fundamental rights not to be reduced to men’s disposable sex toys; instead feminists embrace your sexual slavery because there is no other way. Porn is here to say and look Fword is telling you we can’t challenge it – so women submit and learn you too can become men’s disposable sex toys!

Who needs feminism when we have articles such as this one promoting the lie porn is good for women and the only thing required is to ensure porn is termed ‘feminist’ because no way must women challenge men’s right to make and view porn. That is what this article is focusing on – denying porn harms women and instead make the false claim ‘porn is good provided we claim it is ‘feminist porn!’

Jess McCabe // Posted 15 January 2012 at 11:51 am

@Shadow Well, I didn’t say all feminists – but in the totally unscientific poll of feminists I know on both sides of the argument, and those of us not polarised, there’s an element of exhaustion with the arguments. However serious an issue, retreading the same ground again and again, particularly in the way that often happens in feminist groups in my experience, is draining and you end up not getting anything out of it.

I haven’t seen these particular short films, so I can’t speak to the results, but the intention does not seem to be about women becoming “men’s disposable sex toys”.

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