Weekly round-up – Monday 27th February 2012

// 27 February 2012

Greetings! Here’s this week’s batch of links we noticed or had brought to our attention but didn’t blog about. As always, don’t shoot the messenger – linking here doesn’t necessarily mean endorsement. And feel free to post more links or debate in the comments!

Image is of England fast bowler Anya Shrubsole taken from the ECB website – the team have just completed a 4-0 series win over New Zealand.


Art in the streets of Kabul (Guardian)

Tumblr takes stand against eating disorder blogs (BlogHer)

Sexual violence against women is the result of the cult of masculinity (Guardian)

Ann Dummett obituary (Guardian)

Among the asexuals (Observer)

In Honor of the 500th Episode: Top 10 Pro-feminist Episodes of The Simpsons (Examiner)

‘Anti-gay’ book puts Gove at centre of faith school teaching row (Guardian)

It’s 2012. Do you know where your transgender children are? (LGBTQ Nation)

“Next destination: Equality” (ILGA-Europe periodical, PDF download)

Why Aren’t Women in Japan Working? (Gender Across Borders)

Unobscuring Marital Rape in Nepal (Zero at the Bone)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn to be questioned over prostitution ring (Guardian World)

Whose Occupy? (Occupy Patriarchy)

Squatting law will only criminalise the homeless: Tanya Gold (Guardian)

‘Culture of disbelief’ at UK Border Agency over asylum rape claims, says aid charity (Islington Tribune)

Blurring the gender line: When the frock just won’t fit (Independent)

The female unemployment crisis (Guardian)

Just the Internet? Women’s Speech in the Age of Blogging (Gender Across Borders)

Virginia passes bill to ban LGBT parents from adopting (The Raw Story)

Fast Girls (Screendaily)

CUSU campaign: DSK

France drops mademoiselle status (Independent)

Marie Colvin killed in Syria (Guardian)

Graphs comparing support for abortion and gay marriage

Billboard That ‘Knows’ You’re Female Isn’t as Creepy as It Sounds

Rowan Atkinson: BBC should have been allowed to drop Miriam O’Reilly (Guardian)

Male pride restored as Y chromosome wins a reprieve (Guardian)

Sex-selective abortions still occurring in the UK (Telegraph)

Let’s swap the audio for boys’ and girls’ Lego commercials and see what happens (Jezebel)

For Levis, “hotness” comes in small, small and small (Jezebel)

Media FAIL in coverage of study on gender conformity and abuse (Feministing)

For SHAME, Green Party (sharmanator)

Chortle comedy awards overlook women (Guardian)

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