Weekly round-up and open thread

// 12 March 2012


Time for our weekly round-up of links and an open thread – feel free to add links to stuff we missed!

As ever, linking equals interest not necessarily endorsement.

Required reading: The House on Mango StreetBitch Magazine

“I personally prefer the classic term ‘strumpet'” – Feministe

Young, black and unemployed: the tragedy of the 44% – Diane Abbott at CiF

The feminisation of poverty and the myth of the ‘welfare queen’ – Open Democracy

An open letter to David Cameron on the Welfare Reform Bill – Lisa Egan at Huffington Post

Annie Lennox: ‘The world has become more sexualised’The Guardian

On International Women’s Day, what should we be fighting for?The Guardian

The Help, then and now – Bad Reputation

If you like banter, you are an idiotThe Telegraph

The sugar daddy recession – Salon

Native American appropriation: respecting the struggle of Native American liberation – Marxist Queen

Women protesting around the world – in picturesThe Guardian

FIFA takes first step towards lifting hijab ban for Muslim women soccer players – Feministing

DFID Podcast: Listen to Nobel Peace prize winner Leymah Gbowee on women in peacebuilding

Defending the tweeting sisterhood – Hannah Mudge

Are Sun readers ready to “Beat the Cheats” armed with the facts? – Krishna Talsania at CiF

Turkmenistan: On International Women’s Day, it’s all about him – EurasiaNet

As feminists, united we fall apart – divided we may yet succeed – Zoe Williams at CiF

Calm down, dears? Why it’s a bad time to be a British woman – Polly Toynbee at CiF

‘Too fat’ model wins case against agency who dropped herThe Guardian

Our black women icons – Black Feminists

The government’s violence against women strategy ignores women seeking asylum – Left Foot Forward

International Women’s Day 2012 tweets flood the Twitterverse – Mashable

Disabled women: the invisible majority – Sisters of Frida

German tabloid Bild takes nude women off front page – BBC

The feminisation of madness is crazyGuardian

London’s graffiti knittersThe Telegraph

Egypt: A year after ‘virginity tests’, women victims of army violence still seek justice – Amnesty

Italy’s women still wait for change under Mario Monti – BBC

2,4,6,8 – Solidarity is great – Tough Tea

Does social media really empower local communities?The Guardian

Only six books: Excerpt From Jeanette Winterson’s new memoir – The Daily Beast

Where women went wrong in Egypt – The Daily Beast

French implant boss jailed after missing bail paymentsThe Independent

Acquittal of Egyptian military doctor fails women victims of ‘virginity tests’ – Amnesty International


Pickup artist – XKCD

Afghan women’s activist Razia Jan points the way for girls – The National

Unreported rapes: the silent shameThe Independent

15-year-old girl accused of murder after a miscarriage – AlterNet

You are not a failure – PhD in parenting

Afghanistan opens first women-only Internet cafĂ© – Young Women for Change

Abortion website hacker caughtThe Guardian

Female Ohio Democrat introduces bill to regulate the reproductive health of men – Addicting Info

It takes women to end global poverty – Women’s eNews

Girl Scouts are full of stars, mine is Miss Hazel – Women’s eNews

And finally, a musical number to see us to bed:

Photo of International Women’s Day protest by rawEarth, and photo of Million Women Rise 2012 march by Tamara Craiu, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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