Calling feminists in the North East!

// 17 April 2012

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Photo of protesters at Newcastle Slutwalk, wrapped up warm and hanging around a banner that says Feminism is back by popular demand

A Facebook group has been set up to organise a feminist gathering in Newcastle this autumn. Details below:

“We’re imagining a weekend event of workshops, talks, sessions and fun held here in Newcastle, that brings together feminists from the North East and elsewhere. We imagine that this will provide a platform to organise and discuss feminism, and be an event that supports the buzzing multitude of feminist groups in the NE with an opportunity to come together, strengthen connections, find out where we meet and look at where we can work together.

To bring this together, we need a fierce injection of energy; we need some people-power.

We want to hear what you think about the idea.

What you would like to see / what individuals/groups you want to have participating at the event.

What you and/or your organisation can bring to the event.

We want to share your’s and our ideas, get a team together, and get this project off the ground!

It doesn’t matter what your background, age, sex, religion or anything is, or whether you’ve been been involved with this kind of project before or not, if you are at all interested in hearing any thing more about this project, please contact via the Facebook group or email: Rhiannon Finn and Rhiannon Redpath on nefeministgathering[at] – and one of us will get back to you!”

Photo of Newcastle Slutwalk protesters by she_who_must, shared under a Creative Commons licence.

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Grainne McMahon // Posted 17 April 2012 at 11:09 am

Have joined group. Thanks for the heads-up.

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