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Sex, choice and control: what violence has to do with family planning

It’s sort of unbelievable that millions of women and girls around the world are having to have sex and bear children when they don’t want to. The UN and others...

zohra // 27 June 2012

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Weekly round-up and open thread, 26 June 2012

TFW's regular weekly round-up and open thread. If you have a link or comment that doesn't fit anywhere else and would like to share it, feel free to drop it in the comments here.

Helen G // 26 June 2012

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Want a divorce? You’re probably mentally ill!

Elin Weiss and Hennie Weiss dissect the sexism and disablism behind one man's attempts to change divorce law

Guest Blogger // 25 June 2012

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Where are the women? Olympics music edition

Laura is unimpressed with the lack of gender balance in the playlist for the 2012 opening ceremony

Laura //

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Journalist asks if pregnant athlete now qualifies as ‘disabled’

As you know, the Olympics and Paralympics begin next month, and the media interest is increasing accordingly. Craig Spence, the director of media and communications at the International Paralympic Committee,...

Carrie Dunn // 23 June 2012

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New Review: Beth’s back! The return of the Gossip

‘Move in the right direction’ is the second single from the new Gossip album A Joyful Noise Hayley Foster da Silva has reviewed the album and found herself listening to...

Cazz Blase // 22 June 2012

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Beth’s back! The return of the Gossip

With a new pop album produced in collaboration with hit makers Xenomania, disco punks Gossip are back. While they may have moved on from Standing in the Way of Control, Hayley Foster Da Silva discovers that the band are still very capable of making you dance, and that their new album lives up to its title A Joyful Noise

Hayley Foster da Silva //

Categories: Music, Reviews

Call it what you want

A guest post from Lisa Glass on the naming of vaginas, after a US politician got into trouble for using the word

Guest Blogger //

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Mate Crime: Learning Disability Week

Philippa writes about the appalling phenomenon of 'mate crime', a form of disability hate crime in which abusers target learning disabled and mentally ill people.

Philippa Willitts //

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New Review: Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife, a historical drama about childbirth set in 1950s London, was an unexpected ratings smash last winter. It’s currently being repeated on Thursdays on BBC1. Emily Kenway examines...

Mathilda Gregory //

Categories: Blog

Call the Midwife: Another kind of nostalgia

Call the Midwife, a historical drama about childbirth set in 1950s London, was an unexpected ratings smash last winter. It's currently being repeated on Thursdays on BBC1. Emily Kenway examines its success as a mainstream drama with an, almost exclusively, female cast

Emily Kenway //

Categories: Television

Why we should be fighting for Cece McDonald

Max Brophy situates Cece McDonald's case in the wider context of the oppression of trans women of colour, and calls for the LGBTQ community to support Cece's campaign

Guest Blogger // 20 June 2012

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The 4th Annual POUT Film Festival 2012: 21-23 June

Presented by Peccadillo Pictures, this year’s POUT film festival is proud to bring you an eclectic mix of quality LGBT and queer-friendly movies. The festival screenings will take place in...

Ania Ostrowska //

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Women’s access to a green economy

Hanna Thomas reports back from the Rio+20 UN Earth Summit, arguing that women's rights are central to the development of a new green economy

Guest Blogger // 19 June 2012

Categories: Blog

Gaggle exclusive: part two

Three different members of Gaggle talk about three of their top women artists/frontpeople

Holly Combe //

Categories: Blog

Career Girls on TV: illustrated lecture by Dr Rachel Moseley

On Wednesday 20 June (tomorrow), BFI Southbank will host a lecture by Dr Rachel Moseley, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies from Warwick University, exploring British TV’s representation of...

Ania Ostrowska //

Categories: Blog

Gaggle: new review and exclusives!

You’ll probably already be aware that Gaggle have taken to the streets of London to perform a series of “Ninja Gigs” throughout June in connection with the forthcoming release of...

Holly Combe //

Categories: Blog

Gaggle: The wait is nearly over!

Ever since Gaggle grabbed our attention with 'I hear Flies' and 'Hidden Army' two years ago, the question of when the debut album would come around has been on the minds of fans. Now that wait is nearly over and From the Mouth of the Cave will be released on 25 June. Hayley Foster da Silva gives the lowdown on her sneak preview

Hayley Foster da Silva // 18 June 2012

Categories: Music, Reviews

The power of the postnatal body

The postnatal body is under-appreciated, says Rowena Pelham

Rowena Pelham //

Categories: Body and Health

Weekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread. The following are links that we have found that might interest you. If you have found anything that you think other readers...

Shiha Kaur //

Categories: Blog

New review: Dreaming a different dream

Megan Stodel reviews a new interpretation of a Shakespearean classic The Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park is currently showing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As you might imagine with...

Megan Stodel // 17 June 2012

Categories: Blog

Dreaming a different dream

By setting A Midsummer Night's Dream in a community of Travellers, the play is transformed. Megan Stodel considers how successful the Open Air Theatre's new interpretation is

Megan Stodel //

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Music paste up: Purity Ring, Miss Melody and Mobidextrous and White Blush

Hello and welcome to this weeks music paste up! First up we have new 4AD signees Purity Ring and the creepy and unsettling video to their debut single ‘Belispeak’ 4AD...

Cazz Blase // 15 June 2012

Categories: Blog

New review: Melissa James

I first heard about Melissa James when she got in touch with a women’s radio group e-mail forum that I receive occasional updates from. She sent a message as an...

Holly Combe //

Categories: Blog

Dawn of a new talent

Melissa James's debut album Day Dawns moves through a diverse range of styles, including jazz, blues, torch singing and country. Helen G finds an understated gem from a singer with a voice able to carry all this off with assurance and maturity

Helen G // 14 June 2012

Categories: Music, Reviews


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