Weekly round-up and open thread – week of July 23rd 2012

// 23 July 2012



Folks, it’s that time again. No, not the time where the doctor morphs into another doctor. It’s the weekly round-up where we list the links we weren’t able to cover during the week but wanted to share. Standard disclaimers apply: We do not endorse any of these links as they may include different interests or different perspectives. If you’re feeling sensitive or vulnerable, please tread carefully as some of the links may be triggering.

1. Anti-Islamic female black metal band from Iraq a hoax? (The Metalluminati)

2. Shantha Rau Barriga: Ending Forced Sterilization of Women and Girls with Disabilities (Huffington Post)

3. Too young, too old, but never the right age (The Globe and Mail)

4. Feminism…What’s Next? (In These Times)

5. Distributing, Then Confiscating, Condoms (New York Times, Opinion pages)

6. ‘Queen of Country Music’ Kitty Wells dies (WKRN)which is linked to the review of Laura Cantrell’s 2011 tribute album here.

7. South African named first woman to chair AU (Aljazeera)

8. The Coming Age of Fetal Genomics (Neuroskeptic)

9. Equality and Human Rights Commission outlines plans for future (Human Rights Review)

10. 600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle (Associated Press via Google)

11. Fem-i-nist, Adjective (The Rumpus)

12. To deny schoolgirls a cervical cancer jab on religious grounds is scandalous (Guardian, Cif)

13. London 2012 Japan Australian Sexism (Guardian)

14. Transforming FAMILY (video on trans people and parenting, with captions)(LGBTQ Parenting)

15. A response to Lindy West’s “How to make a rape joke” (Modernist Witchery) in response to Jezebel’s “How to make a rape joke”.

16. French soft drink makers unveil ‘DSK’ aphrodisiac beverage (Raw Story)

17. Cecile Duflot and the floral dress, just another day in the french parliament (Slate)

18. Barbie + Britney ( – BeyoncĂ©) = Science! (Hawkblocker)

19. Hoorah for older women as icons of beauty (Guardian, Life and style)

20. Jodie Marsh “on why she thinks of herself as a feminist” (BBC)

21. A dangerous domestic violence myth is born (Heteronormative patriarchy for men)

22. Disabled People Can Have Relationships With Able-Bodied People (Brisbane Times)

23. Kentucky teen faces charge for naming attackers (Custom wire)

24. How should we talk to men about sexism? (Laurie Penny, Independent blogs)

The picture above is of a cookie with icing on top. There is green icing spelling the word cunt. The image was taken from sagbrfem and used under the creative commons license.

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