Weekly round-up and open thread: 30 July 2012

// 30 July 2012

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Welcome to this week’s round-up of stories and articles of interest from the last week. As ever, inclusion does not imply endorsement. Feel free to add anything we’ve missed in comments!

board of loveliness.jpgKimberly Seals Allers: “People don’t expect to see me as a breastfeeding advocate”


Sally Ride, first US woman in space, dies aged 61 of pancreatic cancer

(Guardian, Science)

You’re wrong, Harriet Harman – Conservatives make better feminists – TROLLING ALERT!!

(Guardian, Cif)

Trans teen banned from exam reads teacher her rights

(Gay Star News)

The rise in women seeking a perfect vagina

(BBC News, Health)

[CONTENT WARNING: link features photo of a beaten woman’s face]

London 2012: Domestic violence hub opens near Olympic Park

(BBC News)

Douchebag Decree: Sexist Olympic Advertising

(Bitch Media)

A Repetitive Dialogue – Analysing the debate between trans women and cis radical feminists over lesbian space

(Guardian of Spirits)

My miscarriage, my abortion – On US fetal personhood laws


Terms and Conditions Tear Your Ads Apart – Why the group behind Ireland’s anti-choice adverts could soon be hit with legal problems

(red lemonade)

Gender-based violence plays role in arms treaty conference

(Her Blueprint)

Migrants from Europe bringing girls to tolerant Britain for genital mutilation


Saudi Arabia: The “Faceless” Experiment – In which a Saudi blogger reports on her experiences of wearing the niqab for the first time

(Global Voices)

The women Greece blames for its HIV crisis

(Independent, Europe)

Olympians’ Dilemma: ‘Starve My Soul’ For Ramadan?


Does my disability pride scare you?

(This Ain’t Livin’)

Thanks (but no thanks…) – Weightlifter Zoe Smith reminds certain male commenters that “we don’t lift weights in order to look hot”


Not just Sally Ride – On the women NASA prevented from going into space


Hello from the Underclass: Unemployment Stories Vol One


London 2012 beach volleyball is a maverick mix of Benny Hill and sport – Carrie has pointed out that the Benny Hill tune was played between points in the men’s matches too and it seemed to be more of a joke at the expense of the volunteers running on and raking the sand all over the court as quickly as they could


“About Face”: Yesterday’s supermodels take a long look in the mirror (Washington Post)

Pussy Riot: will Vladimir Putin regret taking on Russia’s cool women punks?

(Observer, World news)

[CONTENT WARNING – This contains horrible comments from rapists and the image at the top also includes quotes which you will see as soon as you click through]

Rapists explain themselves on Reddit and we should listen


Oxford University changes dress code to meet needs of transgender students

(Guardian, Education)

Anti-Suffragette Postcards from the Early 20th Century – and over a century later we’re still fighting the same stereotypes!

(Brain Pickings)

Dominican Republic abortion ban stops treatment for pregnant teen with cancer


Benefit fraud: the levels are actually very low

(False Economy)

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Why subversive gestures are not enough

(The Quietus)

Photo of a pin board covered in various lovely things, including feminist badges, buttons and postcards, by our very own cathredfern, shared under a Creative Commons licence.

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