Bradford No Means No

// 1 September 2012

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I’ve just got back from a lovely day in sunny Bradford, where around one hundred people got together in the city centre to show our support for rape survivors following local MP George Galloway’s disgusting and dangerously misleading comments on the Assange case last week. The message from our placards and chants was clear: Galloway got it wrong on consent.

We attracted plenty of attention and support from passersby, and representatives from Bradford Rape Crisis made contact with a number of women and men who didn’t know about their services and found the leaflets they distributed “really supportive and comforting”. Leaflets explaining the law on consent and why we were protesting were also given out.

Jane from Bradford Rape Crisis gave an excellent speech, highlighting the dangers of rape myths and the prevalence of sexual violence against women and girls in all communities in the UK and worldwide. Her comments about the way in which racism obscured the real issues of sexual violence and exploitation in the Rochdale case and the devastating impact of Western imperialism and capitalism on women in places such as Afghanistan and the Congo were a reminder to the sad few Respect supporters who felt the need to attack the event on Facebook that we should all be on the same side.

A big thank you to the organisers and all those who attended and sent messages of support.

Contact details for Bradford Rape Crisis and Jyoti, a specialist service for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women and girls, can be found here (scroll down).

A black woman sitting on a low wall and leaning on a handpainted cardboard sign that reads a push means push off, next to a red hand featuring the word stop.

A smiling white woman carrying a handwritten sign that reads fuck you means no fuck me means yes.

A white woman in glasses wearing a white t-shirt that reads ask before each insertion

A middle-aged white man in glasses and a baseball cap holding up a handmade sign that says I'm a window licker who says no means no

A cardboard placard held up in front of Bradford Town Hall that reads yes means yes once

Comments From You

Rose // Posted 2 September 2012 at 9:56 am

Sounds like an awesome protest, sad it’s needed.

What do you bet that Galloway still gets re-elected? Womens human status rarely seems to be a voting point.

JayP1 // Posted 2 September 2012 at 3:10 pm

Sorry I couldn’t make it to the Bradford No means No demo. Not back in Bradford till 9pm. Thank you all who organised and supported on my behalf and so many others.

David H // Posted 13 September 2012 at 2:35 pm

I am an elected representative of Respect National Council. On Saturday I will be attending the National Council meeting in Manchester where George Galloway will no doubt be in attendance. I can assure this group that I and many others on the council will be demanding that he without any proviso retracts the original statement that he made about rape. That he apologise the to the female constituents that he represents, to women everywhere and to victims of rape of every culture and gender.

I would further add that I am sorry to hear of the disgraceful comments that were posted with regard to the demonstration. Respect, as Salma Yacoub has rightly indicated prior to her resignation; is at a crossroads right now, her vision for the party has been tainted by George Galloway’s remarks and the subsequent reaction of his supporters. I sincerely hope informed and evidence based debate will destroy some of the myths surrounding rape and that Respect stands up and is counted as a true supporter of victims of rape everywhere.

My utmost respect and regards for your actions and your movement.

David Hartley.

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