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Why Feminist Art matters now

In their interview with Judy Chicago, Andrea Berryman and Jennifer Patterson ask the artist about the continuing prevalence of sexism, the sexual politics of her internationally influential, revolutionary art and her definition of feminism

Various Authors // 30 November 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

DFID commits new money to tackling violence

An abridged version of this article was originally publised on Liberal Conspiracy. Update: A version of this post also appears on the No Women No Peace, ActionAid, and Mumsnet sites....

zohra // 29 November 2012

Categories: Blog

New Christian Feminist Network launches

Hannah Mudge, a member of the Christian Feminist Network collective, introduces the group and its aims

Guest Blogger // 28 November 2012

Categories: Blog

New review and COMPETITION: Lawrence of Arabia

Among other things, December 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the theatrical release of David’s Lean Lawrence of Arabia, a Hollywood epic that unfolds over almost four hours and is...

Ania Ostrowska //

Categories: Blog

Nearly four hours in the desert

Confronted with one of the greatest Hollywood epic classics, Agata Frymus has her reservations

Agata Frymus //

Categories: Films, Reviews

Do women avoid salary negotiations?

The National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper on salary negotiations

Josephine Tsui // 27 November 2012

Categories: Blog

First ever London Feminist Film Festival opens in Hackney on Thursday

With many screenings sold out already, a vibrant website featuring interviews with filmmakers and a four day programme packed full of films from around the world, the first ever London...

Ania Ostrowska //

Categories: Blog

Five women on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist

As I mentioned in today’s round-up, five women have been named in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist – a rather big sea-change from last year’s grand total...

Carrie Dunn // 26 November 2012

Categories: Blog

Support the Finding Me women’s empowerment programme

Annie Hopley, chair of Threshold, explains how you can help the charity support vulnerable women in Oldham

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 26th November 2012

Hello all, here’s this week’s list of links to interesting things around the internet we didn’t get a chance to cover on the blog. Anything included is for info and...

Carrie Dunn //

Categories: Blog

Why should I have children?

Rachel Munford discusses the pressure on young women to have children and the negative reactions she has had from family and friends when she says she wants to adopt rather than have her own

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Whose month is it anyway?

Penny Pepper discusses the barriers she has faced as a disabled writer, as part of UK Disability History Month

Guest Blogger // 25 November 2012

Categories: Blog

“None of these princesses get to marry another girl”

Guest blogger Sarah Jones returns to update the F Word on the progress of her school’s philosophy project focusing on gender. Sarah is the co-founder of the Greenwich Free School,...

Guest Blogger // 23 November 2012

Categories: Blog

Reclaim the night London 2012

Guest Blogger Julian Norman invites everyone to Reclaim the Night in London. November 24th 2012, 6pm, Whitehall Place.

Julian Norman // 22 November 2012

Categories: Blog

A patronising smile and a cup of coffee

Guest blogger Lisa Ansell writes about UKUncut's campaign to create women's refuges in Starbucks. She is not pleased.

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

An open letter to Lucy Sherriff

Guest blogger Sasha Rocket tells us why – unlike Lucy Sherriff in the Huffington Post – she calls herself a feminist. Sasha Rocket is a member of the queer feminist...

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Underwire Film Festival: celebrating shorts by women. At the Ritzy until Saturday!

UnderWire festival opened last night for the third time. It was launched in 2010 by Gabriella Apicella and Gemma Mitchell who believed that women working in the UK film industry...

Ania Ostrowska // 21 November 2012

Categories: Blog

20 November 2012: 14th international Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is the one day of the year which allows us, collectively, to focus on and grieve for those trans people whose rights to life have, without exception, been violently denied by those who have appointed themselves as judge, jury and executioner.

Helen G // 20 November 2012

Categories: Blog

Why The F-Word needs a comedy editor

Sexism proliferates in comedy. Female comedians aren't given enough attention, and male comedians relying on tired stereotypes make a killing, explains Megan Stodel. The F-Word plans to do something about it

Megan Stodel // 19 November 2012

Categories: Culture and Media

Comedy and games editors – WANTED

Take hold of the opportunity to transform our comedy or games coverage, apply to become one of The F-Word's new section editors.

Jess McCabe //

Categories: Blog

Want to be a guest blogger?

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS. Once again we’re planning on running a programme of guest bloggers at TFW over the first half of 2013....

Lynne Miles //

Categories: Blog

Study demonstrates sexism in science

You might recall the European Union’s rather ill-conceived attempt to address the gender imbalance in science by releasing “Science: It’s a Girl Thing” – a video featuring much giggling, cosmetics...

Jolene Tan //

Categories: Blog

Socially liberal fiscal conservatives, or the definition of an oxymoron

Elisa argues that it is impossible to be both fiscally conservative and morally "liberal" on issues such as abortion rights, gender equality and gay rights

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread, 19th November 2012

Hi everyone Here’s this week’s list of links to interesting things around the internet we didn’t get a chance to cover. Anything included is for info only – not necessarily...

zohra //

Categories: Blog

Life in gasps – Swimming Home

Deborah Levy's Booker-shortlisted novel haunts Zoe Apostolides for months

Zoe Apostolides //

Categories: Books


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