Celebrating The F-word for 2012

// 28 January 2013


Hi everyone!

I hope your 2013 is getting off to a great start!

While it is no longer 2012, the huge group of writers here at the F-word feel it is still important to post some really important reflections from the last year. Recently, we were able to pull off some impressive statistics with regards to the site.

In 2012…

We had had over 2 million page views.

Over 1.3 million visitors!

Out of the 1.3 million visitors, 33% of them are repeat readers.

One of the goals of the website was to represent UK contemporary feminism. In 2012, we’ve had over 600,000 visits from the UK, and 350,000 from the US.

Thanks everyone! We appreciate those that are loyal followers of the site. We appreciate everyone’s positive feedback and we hope to have the f-word continue to grow and reflect the thoughts of our followers.

As there is a lot of information with the site states, I’ve taken the liberty of breaking it up in multiple posts.

Tomorrow, I will post up the top 9 most read blog posts of those published in 2012.

Wednesday, I will post up the top 5 most read features of those published in 2012.

Thursday: the top 5 most read reviews published in 2012.

Friday: Finally I will finish up with a post with the top 10 most read blog posts in the history of the website.

Have a good week!

The spiral design above has been titled “Sacred Geometry/ Torus”. It is used under the creative commons license thanks to Sarjana Sky.

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