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// 26 August 2013

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Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!

Links do not mean endorsement and as always if you are sensitive to a few topics, please be careful when opening the articles.

Without further ado!

1. Germany becomes first European country to recognise ‘undetermined’ sex (Guardian, World)

2. This isn’t just any grumpy picture… Tracey Emin features in new M&S advert advertising campaign (Independent)

3. ‘Is This What They Call Pop Culture?’ Teens Call Out Blurred Lines (Jezebel)

4. Disgraced Coronation Street star Chris Fountain could make live TV apology to save career (The Drum)

5.Tunisia’s Amina quits ‘Islamophobic’ Femen (France 24)

6. Feminist Anti-MOOC (Inside Higher Ed)

7. Why it’s different for girls: slut-shaming in the digital age (New Statesman)

8. Sydney Uni newspaper taken off shelves over female genitalia cover (Sydney Morning Herald)

9. Wikipedia battle rages over Chelsea Manning’s gender identity (Daily Dot)

10. To age is to fail: the media’s message to older women (Guardian, Cif)

11. Cab driver loses license after leaving lesbian couple on side of interstate (LGBTQ Nation)

12. How two young journalists are highlighting longform journalism written by women (Poynter)

13. Put the teaching of protest on the national curriculum (The Guardian)


15. Antoinette Tuff: Meet the Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting Yesterday (Policymic)

16. Chelsea Manning Is Now the Most Famous Transgender Inmate in America. Will She Be Treated Humanely? (Slate)

17. Are vulvas so obscene that we have to censor them? (The Guardian, Cif)

18. Mumbai gang-rape: five held over attack on photo-journalist (The Guardian)

19. Irish hospital condemns leak over first abortion since new law passed (The Guardian)


21. A Note to Cis Allies & Feminist Media Outlets (Feminist Sonar)

22. I Am a False Rape Allegation Statistic (Free Thought Blogs)

23. Muslim woman must remove burka in court, judge insists (Telegraph)

24. Fracking protests: police arrest Green MP Caroline Lucas (The Telegraph)

25. Maldives rape victim spared the lash after global anger (The Independent)

26. Feminist wins Edinburgh comedy award with show poking fun at sexism (The Observer)

27. High hopes: the UFO cult ‘restoring’ the victims of female genital mutilation” (Guardian, Society)

28. Some thoughts on intersectionality and swearing on Twitter (sian and crooked rib)

Along with the long list of links, we also have three articles with regard to virginity tests in Indonesia…

A. Female students in Indonesia may be forced to undergo ‘virginity tests’ (The Guardian)

B. The Virginity Test and Feminism (Jakarta Globe)

C. Education agency never planned virginity test: Chief (Jakarta Post)


1. Petition: Department for Education: Take cissexism out of the National Curriculum!(

2. Street Harassment Couture (The Adult) – Submit your street harassment outfits!

3. ACTION: Transphobia in Schools (UnCommon Sense)

Photo is a close up of the gas fire in a hot air balloon. The photo is owned by Josephine Tsui and may not be used without permission.

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