Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 23rd September 2013

// 23 September 2013



Hello all! Welcome to our weekly round-up of interesting stories and features that we noticed but didn’t have time to blog about. As always, please exercise caution when clicking, as some content may be upsetting or triggering.

This week’s picture is taken by me, at Dean Court, the home of Bournemouth FC, of the England team celebrating after Natasha Dowie scored in the 6-0 win against Belarus on Saturday.

A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism (feministsfightingtransphobia blog)

The niqab debate: ‘Is the veil the biggest issue we face in the UK?’ (The Guardian)

Creating a safe haven in the intersection of state racism and structural patriarchy (openDemocracy)

Is patriarchy really dead? (Guardian, Cif)

The Niqaab issue is too important to be left to liberal instinct (UK Human Rights Blog)

Selfridges assistant suspended for refusing to serve EDL leader’s friend (Guardian)

From the mouths of rapists: the lyrics of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines (The Society Pages)

Hyderabad: College girl kidnapped, raped for 17 months (Rediff.com)

How to Design a City for Women (The Atlantic Cities)

How about no more misogyny,racism and outings? (Everyday Whorephobia)

The Debate | Is Miley Cyrus’ Twerking Cultural Appropriation (Black Feminists)

Feminist female comedians agree there are different types of rape in Edinburgh (So It Goes blog)

France Bans Underage Pageants To Protect Girls Under 16 (Huff Post Style)

Exclusive: 50,000 people are now facing eviction after bedroom tax (Independent)

9 Things Women In Music Are Sick Of Experiencing (Alternative Press)

Creating a safe haven in the intersection of state racism and structural patriarchy (OpenDemocracy)

‘Why it is so important for us to wear the veil’ (Independent)

Andrew Marr is now more aware of disability. If only everyone were (Guardian, CiF)

Freshers’ week sexism, and the damage it does (Guardian)

Porn Performer With HIV Says Costar Was Bleeding During Shoot (Huff Post LA)

The Problem With Estimating Rape Prevalence in Asia (The Atlantic)

If You Are a Woman, Your Work is Irrelevant (Medium)

You can starve on benefits in this country (Guardian, Society)

Non-binary gender identities: how helpful are they for challenging gender rules? (Lesbilicious)

The EDL’s latest victory: defeating a schoolgirl who wanted to put on a gig (Vice)

What Does Manhood Mean in 2013? (The Cut)

Ukip’s Godfrey Bloom sparks row after ‘joke’ branding women ‘sluts’ (Guardian)

Women Are Covering The Hell Out Of The Syria War – So Why Haven’t You Noticed? (Buzzfeed)

The UnSlut Project: how sexual bullying ruined my childhood (Guardian)

Spending cuts hit women worse, says report (Observer)

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