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Fantastical stories and feminist stereotypes

Laura Buttrick steps into a world of feminist fantasy fiction - and looks at the cliches that just won't disappear

Laura Buttrick // 30 November 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

New review: Gaptooth

Cazz Blase has a listen to Gaptooth’s debut album and finds a raw and honest but mixed result that nonetheless shows a sense of integrity and politics. Holly interviewed Hannah...

Holly Combe // 29 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Hannah rages for her sisters

Cazz Blase has a listen to Gaptooth's debut album and finds a raw and honest but mixed result that nonetheless shows a sense of integrity and politics

Cazz Blase //

Categories: Music, Reviews

New review: Demand the Impossible!

Swedish singer-songwriter Jenny Wilson has spoken of a longing to make music that “talks straight to the stomach”. Marta Owczarek listens to her latest album and finds a sound that...

Holly Combe // 27 November 2013

Categories: Blog

To the riot, the survival and the fight

Swedish singer-songwriter Jenny Wilson has spoken of a longing to make music that "talks straight to the stomach". Marta Owczarek listens to her latest album and finds a sound that is decidedly more aggressive than her previous work

Marta Owczarek //

Categories: Music, Reviews

Space invaders

Ndéla Faye on how men's dominance of space - both physically and through street harassment and victim blaming - oppresses women

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

Bits and bobs from around the web that we missed last week.

zohra // 25 November 2013

Categories: Blog

New feature: in anticipation of The Day of the Doctor…

As I’m sure the Doctor Who fans among you will be aware, this evening will see the screening of the programme’s 50th anniversary episode. In honour of this, our comedy...

Holly Combe // 23 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Who us?

Feminist fans celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who in this group piece wrangled by Whovian and F-Word Comedy Section Editor Chella Quint

Chella Quint //

Categories: Features, Television

No excuses: anti-rape campaign launched in Bristol today

Holly gives details of the this is not an excuse campaign, which calls out victim blaming myths while also linking to help and support

Holly Combe // 21 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder? There’s something fundamental that you’re not getting

In this guest post, Amy Williams responds to a tasteless blog post entitled "5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder"

Guest Blogger // 20 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

Today marks the fifteenth Transgender Day of Remembrance: at least 238 trans people have been murdered worldwide since this time last year

Laura //

Categories: Blog

London Feminist Film Festival: 24-30 November in Hackney

After a very successful first edition last year, London Feminist Film Festival returns to the Hackney Picturehouse on Sunday 24 November. The festival has been extended to a whole week...

Ania Ostrowska // 19 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Weekly round up and open thread, 18th November 2013

Philippa summarises some of the stories we couldn't fit in during the week, from "pre-pregnancy" to PIP implants, the Trans Murder Monitoring Project, fake abortion clinics and women of steel

Philippa Willitts // 18 November 2013

Categories: Blog

New review: The many moods of motherhood

Mothers in mythology often represent powerful beings, holding the awe-inspiring ability to create. Take Gaia, the Greek mother goddess who gave birth to the universe, or Toci, the Aztec mother...

Megan Stodel // 16 November 2013

Categories: Blog

The many moods of motherhood

At an exhibition of photography centred on motherhood, Philippa Dunjay finds much to consider as different artists portray hopes, fears, misfortunes, joys, trials and questions of maternity

Philippa Dunjay //

Categories: Art, Reviews

UnderWire festival at The Yard Theatre: 19-23 November

Fourth edition of UnderWire film festival kicks off on Tuesday 19 November at the Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick, East London. You are invited to join the organisers for a...

Ania Ostrowska // 15 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Help relief efforts in the Philippines

Following Typhoon Haiyan, the people of the Philippines need a lot of help. Everybody is desperate for food and water but it is those who need it most who are...

Jolene Tan // 14 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Navigating the world of magazine sex tips

Lauren Hitchman explores how the sex tips she read in women's magazines as a girl affected her sex life growing up

Guest Blogger // 13 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 11 November 2013

Categories: Blog


This is a guest post by Rina Rosselson who blogs about ageing, ageism and feature films and who wrote for us on this topic. Paulina García as Gloria in Sebastian...

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Is Monogamy Dead?

While reviewing Rosie Wilby's new comedy, I got to chat to her about what it's been like creating the show, and hear some behind-the-scenes revelations.

Chella Quint // 8 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Rosie Wilby: Is Monogamy Dead?

Rosie Wilby asks an interesting question in Is Monogamy Dead? Chella Quint attends this cheeky and enjoyable new show and tries to work out the answer

Chella Quint //

Categories: Comedy

The novel that narrates itself

Louise Crichton reviews AL Kennedy's compelling story about the mediums who trade on the hope of contacting the hereafter, The Blue Book, in which the book itself is a character

Louise Crichton //

Categories: Books

£1 million to investigate pregnancy discrimination: a welcome move for women’s rights, but urgent action needed

The charity Maternity Action outlines some of the challenges facing pregnant women and new mothers in the workplace, in light of the government's announcement that it will fund research into pregnancy discrimination

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog


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