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June 2014 playlist

June 2014 playlist, for your listening pleasure

Joanna Whitehead // 30 June 2014

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When people perceive the possible, it becomes a lot easier to achieve

A guest post by Ruby Lott-Lavigna about the representation of women in the House of Commons

Guest Blogger //

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When break-up music turns sinister

Robin Thicke has named his latest album after his estranged wife and vows to win her back. D H Kelly examines the stories we tell about men winning back the women who have left them

D H Kelly // 27 June 2014

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Weekly round-up and open thread

Hello and welcome to the weekly round-up and open thread! Below are some recent news stories that caught the attention of The F Word Collective this week (linking does not imply endorsement or agreement). Please note that these links range from "ooh yay!" to "very interesting" to *headdesk, to rage-enducing, and some articles may be triggering. Want to discuss these topics or add your own? Please comment below!

Chella Quint // 24 June 2014

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Calling feminist web designers!

Can you help improve Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre's website?

Laura // 23 June 2014

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When the Defenders are the Perpetrators – the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

Guest blogger Sheena Vasani assesses the recent Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Sheena Vasani // 21 June 2014

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Polarised: An upcoming documentary on LGBTQ+ mental health in London

This is a guest post by Charlie Smoke. Charlie is a 23-year-old writer based in North London; he is currently writing his first novel. There is a silent epidemic within...

Guest Blogger // 19 June 2014

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Permission to kiss: consent is simple

D H Kelly examines a recent BBC Article entitled, "Should you ask someone's permission to kiss them?" and argues that a greater emphasis on full consent makes sex much simpler, as well as safer

D H Kelly // 18 June 2014

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New review: Under the Skin

Joining the fray a bit late (not even mentioning mainstream media but Bitch magazine published two different takes on the film already, interesting reads if you want to explore more:...

Ania Ostrowska // 17 June 2014

Categories: Blog

Sexiness only skin deep

Under the Skin's alien hero/ine makes Liz Barker-Woods rethink how we make sense of our identities and the world around us

Liz Barker-Woods //

Categories: Films, Reviews

What’s in a name?

“So… what exactly do I call you?” It’s a question that makes my heart sink every time some well-meaning soul asks it. Like a lot of people, I don’t feel...

Gemma Varnom //

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Weekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to this week’s mix-tape of the stories from across the internet that have caught our eye. Please feel free to add more in the comments. As usual, linking indicates...

Jess McCabe //

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Congolese women activists shut out of event at Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

An open letter to William Hague from the Bradford Congo Campaign

Laura // 16 June 2014

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New review: Pussy Whipped 2014

Liz Ely revisits Ste McCabe’s queer alternative festival and is not disappointed. In 2012, I was lucky enough to review Edinburgh’s first queer alternative festival, Pussy Whipped, curated by rising...

Holly Combe // 13 June 2014

Categories: Blog

Edinburgh gets Pussy Whipped again

Liz Ely revisits Ste McCabe's queer alternative festival and is not disappointed

Liz Ely //

Categories: Music, Reviews

On Self-Defence as Rape Prevention

Caroline Criado-Perez describes learning self-defence as "a solution" to rape, until we're able to stop people raping. D H Kelly argues this is no solution to the vast majority of rapes.

D H Kelly // 12 June 2014

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New review: Forest of the Dancing Spirits

Our regular contributor Chrissy D thought she might not like the film she was about to review for The F-Word: “I thought Forest of the Dancing Spirits might be hard...

Ania Ostrowska // 11 June 2014

Categories: Blog

Birth and ownership: Forest of the Dancing Spirits

Chrissy D is touched by a documentary about tightly knit community of women in the Congolese rainforest challenged by the encroachment of civilisation

Chrissy //

Categories: Films, Reviews

How I ended up online dating for sex

The scene: my relationship with the guy who was supposed to be The One (Or At Least The One Right Now) had reached an amicable end. I was approaching a milestone birthday with zero faith in lifelong monogamy as a system that would ever work for me and generally feeling pretty resigned to some time away from men. Then I had a one night stand with an attractive man 10 years younger than me.

Amber Collins //

Categories: Blog

After Wonderland

Tutku Barbaros is moved by Metta Theatre's colourful adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, which considers a new kind of female protagonist

Tutku Barbaros // 10 June 2014

Categories: Theatre

Weekly round up and open thread

Welcome to the weekly round up and open thread! These are links we came across but didn't have time to blog about. As usual, please note that a link here does not imply endorsement and articles that may be trigerring have been marked as such below. If you came across something interesting, please feel free to add to the comments below. Have a good week!

Asiya Islam // 8 June 2014

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Beyond Shakespeare’s Desdemona

Desdemona, A Play About A Handkerchief is a brilliant exploration of the characters who usually barely get to speak, never mind define their own conversation. Rita Suszek thoroughly enjoys an irreverent retelling of Othello

Rita Suszek //

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Handing on the baton

In which Helen hands over the role of TFW's rotating Editor to Megan...

Helen G // 7 June 2014

Categories: Blog

On playing normal

I’m one of these women who won’t even nip to the shop for a paper and a Freddo without a full face of make-up. And of all the articles, blog...

Gemma Varnom // 6 June 2014

Categories: Blog

Welcome to one of our June guest bloggers, Gemma Varnom!

Hello and welcome to Gemma Varnon, who is joining Sheena Vasani, guest blogging for The F-Word throughout the month of June: Gemma Varnom is a writer who spends her free...

Jess McCabe //

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