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Addressing the root cause of Rotherham

When crimes are committed that are based in patriarchy, it's the system and culture that needs to be addressed, writes guest blogger Mag the Blag

Mag the Blag // 31 August 2014

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August 2014 playlist

August 2014 playlist, for your listening pleasure.

Joanna Whitehead //

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New review: Obvious Child, by Sophie Mayer

Obvious Child, the first ever abortion rom-com opens in UK cinemas today. Quite surprising, isn’t it? The film’s director, Gillian Robespierre, based it on her 2009 short of the same...

Ania Ostrowska // 29 August 2014

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A choice not that obvious

Sophie Mayer hails Gillian Robespierre's Obvious Child for depicting abortion as a reasonable choice for those who have it

Sophie Mayer //

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More reviews from EdFringe

We finish our theatre reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 with a handful more on plays about body image, poverty and sex work

Shoshana Devora // 27 August 2014

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Politics and personal autonomy

Political parties know that not enough women are standing in political positions. Mag the Blag wants them to ask: why not?

Mag the Blag //

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All at sea

Sophie Mayer is swept away by Drift, Caroline Bergvall's latest poetry collection

Sophie Mayer // 26 August 2014

Categories: Books, Spoken Word

Would you miss Mrs?

August's guest blogger Abigael Watson encourages people to choose the title they want rather than automatically accepting whatever is conventional for their marital status

Abigael Watson //

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Beyond bullying: what happens next?

Workplace bullying can be challenged, but guest blogger Mag the Blag explains that we need to continue supporting people who have been bullied after the perpetrator has left

Mag the Blag // 23 August 2014

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Let’s talk about sex

How can people be reaching 16 without getting useful and relevant sex education? Abigael Watson thinks things need to change so that teens have an understanding of sex that goes beyond the biological explanation from school and the misleading portrayal from porn

Abigael Watson //

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I don’t

Despite upcoming changes that would see mothers included on marriage certificates, Megan Stodel isn't wedded to the idea of marriage

Megan Stodel // 21 August 2014

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A pinch of SALT

M. Lý-Eliot interviews the editors of feminist art zine SALT, finding out their backgrounds, interests and aspirations for their project

M. Ly-Eliot //

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Disrespectful dancing: clinging to the edge of the mosh pit

Sway to the right, sway to the left. Uniform in motion and occasionally in style, the gentle dance that occurs in the pit can be a mesmerising experience - that is until a hurricane of hyper aggression cuts through the room; displacing the good time and good people

Stephanie Phillips // 19 August 2014

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All grown up and still no kids

After reading Abigael Watson's recent blog, Liz Smith wrote a response, telling her experiences as a 32-year-old woman who continues not to want children

Liz Smith // 17 August 2014

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Putting pressure on pays off

The days of the gender pay gap are numbered...or they would be if we could actually get some numbers. Megan Stodel calls on companies to follow through with their commitments to publicise data on pay

Megan Stodel // 16 August 2014

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The mother of ambitions

Abigael Watson doesn't want to have children. It seems society finds that a difficult message to digest

Abigael Watson //

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Have your food for thought with SALT

M. Lý-Eliot is delighted by SALT's issue with an anti-work theme, finding much to think about in its pages

M. Ly-Eliot //

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The F-Word goes to EdFringe

The F-Word is back in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. In this post, we review shows about vaginas, Christianity, Tourette's syndrome and Greek myths

Various Authors // 13 August 2014

Categories: Theatre

Weekly round-up and open thread

Hello and welcome to the weekly round-up and open thread! Below are some recent news stories that caught the attention of The F Word Collective this week (linking does not necessarily imply endorsement or agreement by members of the collective or the author of this post). Please note that these links range from "ooh yay!" to "very interesting" to *headdesk to very sad or rage-enducing, and some articles may be triggering. Want to discuss these topics or add your own? Please comment below!

Chella Quint // 12 August 2014

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Making eureka moments happen

It's great to see so many plays focused on the struggle for women's rights over the years, but Megan Stodel asks whether theatre can work more actively for the feminist movement

Megan Stodel // 10 August 2014

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Women playwrights roar for the Royal Shakespeare Company

The Royal Shakespeare Company is showing a festival of short plays on feminist themes. Megan Stodel wishes this wasn't a one off

Megan Stodel // 9 August 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

A generation that needs feminism

Guest blogger Abigael Watson sees that the need for feminism is misunderstood by a lot of school pupils

Abigael Watson //

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Shame is a feminist issue

Guest blogger Mag the Blag challenges feelings of shame

Mag the Blag //

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Horror in paradise

Sophie Mayer looks at Lucia Puenzo's Wakolda, film narrating the Patagonian epilogue to extremely dark period in European history

Sophie Mayer // 7 August 2014

Categories: Films, Reviews

Welcome to the guest bloggers for August!

Welcome the new guest bloggers, Abigael Watson and Mag the Blag

Megan Stodel //

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