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// 7 August 2014


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Thanks to Milena Popova and Isadora Vibes for their great posts in July! Now as we head into August, we have two new guest bloggers. I’ll let them introduce themselves in their own words.

Abigael Watson

Having just finished my GCSEs, not a lot to my name has been accomplished as of yet…I’m nervously anticipating results day! I take refuge in words, and as such my interests include reading lots of books and my enthusiasm for writing poetry (or anything really) is boundless. I hope to study either English Literature or History at university. I enjoy singing, discussions about all manner of controversial issues, and shopping. When I was younger I harboured an ambition to be prime minister, however now my sights are more set on activism, museum curatorship and journalism (with a book of poetry published on the side…).

First and foremost, however, I’m an ardent feminist, and eagerly looking forward to blogging for The F Word!

Mag the Blag

I’ve been a journalist, a painter and decorator, a social worker, a refuge worker, a bar worker, a teacher and a fruit picker. Among others. I’ve worked in the private sector, the voluntary sector and in local government. I’ve studied philosophy and psychology.

I have been involved in feminist campaigns, lesbian and gay activism, anti racist movements and green politics.

Whatever I have done has been too little and also too much. The most I have learned is how to balance the two by understanding myself so that I can keep going.

Welcome and we look forward to your posts!

The photo shows a bee resting on some lavender in close up. It is by Susan and is used under a creative commons licence.

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