Andreya Triana

Hiya! Please click here for your August 2015 playlist. You can also view the track-list and listen here.

Andreya Triana’s soulful pipes on this dreamy track are, for me, the perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer day. It’s clear from the first bars that this has the stamp of Flying Lotus all over it, making for a perfect collaboration. Signed to the illustrious Ninja Tune label, you can read more about Andreya here. This, and the Sepalcure track, are both on heavy rotation at my house.

Is it just me that continually confuses Helena Hauff with Holly Herndon? Both are credible electronic artists operating in a predominantly male industry and I tip my hat to the pair of them. Personally, I prefer the darkness of Helena’s tracks, however, but I recommend you check both of them out. You can read more about Helena here.

You may recognise the Wendy Rene and The Tom Tom’s tracks, both of which have been sampled by The Wu-Tang Clan and Mariah Carey respectively. You can listen to the glorious Wu-Tang here and watch Mariah rollerblading and riding a rollercoaster here (TW: clowns).

Pop is suitably represented with the inclusion of Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’, a killer tune, as far as I’m concerned, plus SWV’s ‘Right Here’ which, with MJ’s sample and memories of my teenage years, is another happy summer tune.

This is my eighteenth playlist for The F-Word and as someone who was a huge Hole fan in the 1990s, I can’t quite believe that I haven’t included one of their tracks in any of my previous playlists. Consider this glaring omission duly remedied!


The picture at the top of the page shows Andreya Triana looking absolutely resplendent in black, next to/in front of a multi-coloured graphic art background. Image by James Kendall, shared under a Creative Commons licence.

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