Articles from February 2016

The rise and fall of the Lingerie Football League

February's guest blogger Helen Reid interviews the founder of the Lingerie Football League and the instigator of the petition against it, considering how the League may be damaging to women's representation in the beautiful game

Helen Reid // 27 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Ticket offer for readers: Three Generations of Women at the Greenwich Theatre, 2 March

F-Word readers can buy tickets for £10 discounted from £16

Lissy Lovett // 25 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Science, stereotypes and society

Pamela Jacobsen explores stereotype threat - a phenomenon where people underperform in certain subjects when they're reminded of their gender

Pamela Jacobsen // 24 February 2016

Categories: Education, Features, Work and Play

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web covering everything from #FreeKesha to Paper's conversation with Emma Watson and bell hooks

Lusana Taylor // 22 February 2016

Categories: Blog, Weekly Round-Up & Open Thread

Conversations with women

Pooja Kawa finds the play Escaped Alone at the Royal Court revolutionary even in its basic premise

Pooja Kawa //

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The comic strip: #feMANism

Resident cartoonist, Silvia Carrus, on our theme of the month, #feMANism

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Why we don’t all choose the cheaper product

Megan Stodel disagrees that gendered price differentiation on similar products is a result of rational actors making decisions in a perfect system, saying that we need to appreciate the underlying barriers that allow this exploitative practice

Megan Stodel // 20 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Men need something, but not a movement

As part of The F-Word’s #feMANism month, Sarah Fletcher discussed the need for a ‘men’s movement’, one that distances itself from the MRA nonsense and creates a space where men...

Guest Blogger // 18 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Champagne Lives

Ettie Bailey-King is blown away by the artists in the Saatchi gallery’s Champagne Life exhibition, but finds the overall concept lacking

Ettie Bailey-King // 17 February 2016

Categories: Art, Reviews

The grass ceiling

Helen Reid condemns widespread discrimination that affects women’s ability to partake in sport and calls for better treatment of women, trans* and intersex people by sporting bodies, the media and the public

Helen Reid // 16 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web, covering everything from The Revenant to Beyonce's "Formation"

Lusana Taylor //

Categories: Blog, Weekly Round-Up & Open Thread

Ursula Martinez builds a wall

Rita Suszek considers the performance Free Admission and finds it a display of agency, humanity and wit

Rita Suszek // 15 February 2016

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The log in your own eye

Nick Beard praises Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight for putting the notorious case of child sexual abuse by the Boston clergy into a wider context of community’s complicity

Nick Beard // 14 February 2016

Categories: Films, Reviews

Please can we stop calling Jeremy Hunt a cunt

Shoshana Devora worries that there is underlying misogyny in critics' attempts to shame Jeremy Hunt by comparing him to female genitalia - we should be talking about our cunts in a celebratory way

Shoshana Devora // 13 February 2016

Categories: Blog, Uncategorized

Argumentation matters

After a new study indicates that having more women in leadership positions improves profits for businesses, Megan Stodel calls for thoughtfulness around the effect of choosing arguments when engaging in this debate

Megan Stodel // 12 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Rape: I was waiting for it to be my turn

A survivor shares her story

Guest Blogger // 11 February 2016

Categories: Blog

February 2016 playlist

February 2016 playlist, for your listening pleasure

Joanna Whitehead // 10 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web, including everything from Facebook's "motherhood challenge" to the "safe spaces" question

Lusana Taylor // 8 February 2016

Categories: Blog, Weekly Round-Up & Open Thread

Playing the gender game

Lusana Taylor reviews Girls will be Girls by Emer O’Toole and admires the author’s playful, honest and often very funny approach to gender

Lusana Taylor //

Categories: Books, Reviews

Pop culture, feminism and laughs

Nick Beard finds Katherine Ryan manages to introduce a lot of feminist ideas through jokes about pop culture in her new tour Kathbum

Nick Beard //

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Should men have their own gender equality movement?

To kick start our #feMANism season, examining the place of men in modern feminism, Sarah Fletcher makes the case for a separate men's movement

Guest Blogger // 7 February 2016

Categories: Blog

The comic strip: Friend-zone

Our resident cartoonist, Silvia Carrus, on that most hated of terms.

Guest Blogger // 5 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Cool cats

Grace Sharpley finds the sketch group Kitten Killers have a lot of funny things to say and sing about contemporary sexuality

Grace Sharpley // 4 February 2016

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Hinds hit hard

After listening to their debut album, Holly Martin is first in line to join Hinds’ girl gang

Holly Martin // 3 February 2016

Categories: Music, Reviews

CBB Steph, you’re not a ‘slut’ (whatever that means anyway)

Samantha Rea watches Celebrity Big Brother and wonders how a snog can possibly be a scandal in 2016

Guest Blogger // 2 February 2016

Categories: Blog


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