Introducing February’s guest blogger

// 1 February 2016


About a month ago, I posted a call for applications to be a monthly guest blogger at The F-Word, looking for people interested in blogging over the course of a month in 2016 about issues relating to feminism. We had a truly fantastic response; thank you to everybody who put time and thought into applying.

We’ve now selected all the monthly bloggers for the year (though remember, there are still lots of ways to contribute, with blog posts, features or reviews). I’m very pleased to introduce our first blogger of the year – sorry, I didn’t organise myself quickly enough to cover January!

Throughout February, Helen Reid will be blogging for us. Here’s a bit about her in her own words:

Helen is a 22-year-old feminist journalist living and writing about politics, culture and sports in Brixton, London. With South African roots, she grew up in France and Texas before moving to the UK for university, becoming involved with Cuntry Living feminist zine at Oxford. During her Masters in African Politics at SOAS she deepened her understanding of queer politics and African feminism and aims to write about these during her time blogging for The F-Word, as well as encouraging discussion of gender in sports. She’s looking forward to hearing feedback from The F-Word community this month!

The photo was taken by Alejandra Rojas Salazar and is used under a creative commons licence. It shows a red exterior wall in the sunlight; in the top left corner of the shot is part of a window, covering about 1/3 of the picture. It has a yellow frame and ornamental black bars, behind which there are plants, and then yellow shutters.

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