Articles from April 2016

Teenage bullying in the digital world

Helena Blackstone is impressed by the relevance of new play Sket at the Park Theatre

Helena Blackstone // 30 April 2016

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The hidden work of being a woman in public

Fiona Vera-Gray writes about how Doll’s Eye Theatre are bringing street harassment to the stage

Guest Blogger // 29 April 2016

Categories: Blog

Dream Nails will fuck you up!

Cassandra Fox has a smashing night at the EP launch of the self-proclaimed "punk witches from hell", Dream Nails

CassieFox //

Categories: Music, Reviews

Circus in the urban jungle

Lissy Lovett enjoys a new production of The Jungle Book and hopes it connects with UK audiences

Lissy Lovett // 28 April 2016

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web chosen by The F-Word team

Lusana Taylor // 27 April 2016

Categories: Blog, Uncategorized, Weekly Round-Up & Open Thread

Keep your rosaries off our ovaries! Defending reproductive rights in Poland

Hanna Mroczek from Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Irlandia explains the current abortion law situation in Poland and talks about activism it triggered

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

The forgotten women of history

After finding out about Jane Margaret Scott, the now largely forgotten theatre manager, writer and actor famous in her time, monthly guest blogger Emily Turner reveals some other historic women she thinks deserve more recognition

Emily Turner // 26 April 2016

Categories: Blog

An appeal to justice

Megan Stodel thinks a 500% increase in tribunal fees for appeals in asylum and immigration cases is unconscionable and calls for those who feel the same to respond to the Ministry of Justice consultation

Megan Stodel // 23 April 2016

Categories: Blog

Being a feminist parent of a disabled child

Being a feminist parent of a disabled child reminded Jill about the importance of choice

Guest Blogger // 21 April 2016

Categories: Blog

A case of clashing intersections

Nick Beard watches The People v OJ Simpson and finds a nuanced portrayal with an appreciation of the deep societal prejudices informing and impacting on the case

Nick Beard // 20 April 2016

Categories: Reviews, Television

Why we blocked Millennium Bridge

The Bridge Club, a group of activists fighting for the right to decriminalised abortion across the UK, talk about their direct action on Millennium Bridge

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Sexist textbooks

Elin Weiss couldn't believe how sexist textbooks teach girls to diet and boys to hate fashion

Guest Blogger // 19 April 2016

Categories: Blog

The story of a girl and her sketchbook

Ettie Bailey-King reviews Drawing Blood by artist and activist Molly Crabapple and finds it part sumptuous fairytale, part manifesto for action

Ettie Bailey-King //

Categories: Books, Reviews

A brief history of time

Cazz Blase finds the third album by Seattle punk pop band Tacocat worthy of repeated listening

Cazz Blase // 18 April 2016

Categories: Music, Reviews

Stock photos fail survivors

Janey Stephenson argues that stock photos don’t just simplify violence against women, they fail survivors

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web chosen by the F-Word team

Lusana Taylor //

Categories: Blog, Weekly Round-Up & Open Thread

Slut-shamed by my teacher

Lydia Day tells the story of how she was humiliated by a teacher who took exception to the length of her skirt

Lydia Day // 15 April 2016

Categories: Body and Health, Education, Features

Not totty

As a journalist reveals she has been subjected to sexist comments by an MP, it is clear this is indicative of a more widespread problem in parliament. Megan Stodel demands better from our representatives

Megan Stodel // 14 April 2016

Categories: Blog

“I was brought up believing that I couldn’t do all sorts of things because I was female”: on escaping housework for artistic creation

Emily Turner speaks with artist Rosemary McLeish about the inspiration for her art, including her feminist piece ‘What I Do When I Don’t Do The Ironing’

Emily Turner // 13 April 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

The F-Word stage blog: April 2016

The first in a series of posts on The F-Word about what's happening on stage in the UK

Lissy Lovett // 12 April 2016

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's collection of interesting links from around the web chosen by The F-Word

Lusana Taylor // 11 April 2016

Categories: Blog, Weekly Round-Up & Open Thread

The surprising news that Shared Parental Leave is only for recent parents

Although many news outlets have reported that only 1% of men are taking up Shared Parental Leave, they fail to note that the majority of men haven't had children in the last year so are not eligible. Megan Stodel tries to make sense of things

Megan Stodel //

Categories: Blog

April 2016 playlist

April 2016 playlist, for your listening pleasure

Joanna Whitehead // 10 April 2016

Categories: Blog

Everyone is either a sexist or a feminist

Dan Burdge argues that identifying as a feminist should be everyone's default position

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Your body is the vessel

Anastasia Wiltshire watches the first series of The Shannara Chronicles and is disappointed in the objectification of the two initially strong female leads, as they realise the key to saving the world lies in their own subjugation

Anastasia Wiltshire // 9 April 2016

Categories: Reviews, Television


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