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Who are we?

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The editorship of The F-Word is rotated between our editorial team. Our current editor is Holly Combe and her term started in July 2016.

Rotating editor: Holly Combe

Editor at large: Jess McCabe

Founder: Catherine Redfern

Treasurer: Lissy Lovett

Section editors

Comedy and theatre: Lissy Lovett

Features: Pooja Kawa and Sophie Jackson

Fiction: Harriet Kilikita

Film: Ania Ostrowska and Yasha Gosrani

Guest blog content: Monica Karpinski and Amy Grant

Music: Joanna Whitehead

Non-fiction books and regular content: Lusana Taylor

TV: Yasha Gosrani

Visual arts: Erin Aniker

Other editors and bloggers:

Communications editor: Lily Kendall

Blogger and editor: D H Kelly

Blogger: Megan Stodel

The F-Word team includes:

Yasha Gosrani
Sophie Jackson
Shoshana Devora
Pooja Kawa
Monica Karpinski
Megan Stodel
Lusana Taylor
Lissy Lovett
Lily Kendall
Joanna Whitehead
Jess McCabe
Holly Combe
Harriet Kilikita
Erin Aniker
D H Kelly
Ania Ostrowska
Amy Grant

More about the people behind The F-Word:

Yasha Gosrani (TV and film editor)

Yasha first realised she was a feminist when she did a school project on the Suffragettes at the age of 14, and has been fighting for women and girls ever since. She is passionate about the power of education and information in transforming the lives of women and girls everywhere. Until recently, she has been working as a corporate solicitor in the City. In her spare time, Yasha enjoys yelling at the TV, gin, buying vintage furniture for her home and making things.

Sophie Jackson (features editor)

Sophie is a feminist writer and editor, having discovered the joy of writing when she was gifted a Barbie typewriter on her fourth birthday. She co-edits features for The F-Word and writes about feminism’s intersections with mental health and LGBT+ communities. Sophie makes a living working in student politics and spends her spare time watching any television about happy queer characters that she can possibly find. Born and raised in New Zealand, she now lives as close to London as she can get without going broke. You can find her on Twitter at @sophlynne.

Shoshana Devora (writer and team member)

Having been raised by lesbian mums, Shoshana’s feminist identity started forming when she was still in nappies. She’s now particularly interested in intersectional feminism. When she’s not debating politics, she’s normally planning her next backpacking trip or hunting for cheap theatre tickets. She blogs at My Motherfull Family and can be found (just about) on Twitter: @Shoshana_Devora.

Pooja Kawa (features editor)

Pooja Kawa is an intersectional feminist, Londoner and lover of history. Having a British-Indian background, Pooja has tried to reconcile two entirely different identities and cultures, and has had differing experiences of feminism and perceptions of the woman between both communities. She has written on aspects of women’s history in India, Nigeria, Britain and the USA, which has triggered her interest in global feminism and long histories behind them. Pooja also loves theatre and has written reviews in this area for the F-Word. She makes a living working in universities. You can find her on Twitter @pooja_kawa.

Monica Karpinski (guest content editor)

Monica is a feminist writer and editor who loves nothing more than excellent conversation. A firm believer in the power of language and good media to make change, she is particularly interested in media representation and reportage of gender and sex. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Monica loves exploring East London’s nooks and crannies by bike and taking any chance possible to travel. By day, you’ll find her heading the content channel of a digital marketing company. She still isn’t used to English winter.

Megan Stodel (blogger)


Previously the theatre and art editor, Megan now blogs regularly for The F-Word, with a particular interest in (bi)sexuality, immigration and asylum and relationships, though really just about whatever happens to have come up (and inevitably, theatre and art get a fair look in too). When Megan isn’t pondering the gender dynamic created in the latest offering by the National Theatre, she can be found travelling, arguing about politics or experimenting with new recipes (with varying levels of success). Megan can also lick her elbow: a superpower the feminist movement has been long awaiting. Follow her on Twitter: @MeganStodel.

Lusana Taylor (non-fiction and regular content editor)

Lusana’s feminist awakening came when she first listened to a Bikini Kill CD and ever since she’s had an enduring interest in Riot Grrrl and 1990s’ zine culture. When she’s not working as an editor for an independent fiction publisher, she’s probably setting herself unrealistic reading challenges, taking photos of her cat or looking longingly at pictures of cakes. You can find her on Twitter here: @LusanaTaylor.

Lissy Lovett (comedy and theatre editor)

Q: How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: That’s not funny!
Lissy Lovett works in the arts and lives in South London. She likes comedy, theatre, reality television, sewing, beer, Norwich City Football Club, the Streatham Ice Hockey teams and feminism. From time to time she tweets @lissylovett.

Lily Kendall (communications editor)

Lily is a feminist blogger living in Wandsworth, London, who currently works in communications at a leading UK youth charity. Lily studied for an MSc in Human Rights at the LSE, during which time she read and categorised 3,364 abusive comments for a dissertation on online misogynistic hate speech and revenge porn. When she isn’t busy completing masochistic research projects, she’s engaged in a quest to make the perfect pad thai.

Joanna Whitehead (music editor)

Jo has been aware of and interested in social and gender inequality for as long as she can remember. A native Yorkshire-woman, Jo finds inspiration and sanctuary in music and dreams of taking a year off to intensively study – and master – a musical instrument. This week, the trumpet is favourite. She is anti-musical snobbery and has no guilt about any of her musical pleasures.

Jo escapes the “challenges” of her 9-5 through running, reading, discovering new tunes and surfing Pinterest (heavy feminist presence, people). She feels privileged to be part of The F-Word team. You can find her on Twitter @MsWhitehead100

Jess McCabe (editor at large)

Jess edited The F-Word from February 2007 to May 2013. You might still see her name pop up on the site, if she gets herself together to write the occasional blog post, feature or review.

Jess makes a living as a reporter, currently covering a beat that includes social housing and environmental issues. She lives in South London with one bloke and two gigantic cats. Find her on Twitter @jester, or on Tumblr.

Holly Combe (rotating editor)

Holly Combe has been a feminist for as long as she can remember but became active when she joined Feminists Against Censorship (FAC). She started reading and contributing to The F-Word in 2002 after receiving an e-mail about the site in a Yahoo group she took part in at the time. She joined the blog in 2005, was a music editor from 2011 (a role she stayed in until 2014) and became editor of the TV section in 2013 (until 2016).

Holly has had writing published in a number of other outlets including Yahoo!, STUDIO magazine, Economic Issues, Scarlet magazine, The Guardian, The Fresh Outlook, The New Statesman, Bookslut, Girlchick and The Oxford Mail. She mainly works as a copy editor, but you can sometimes catch her taking part in radio debates or DJ’ing. Along with this, she has an MA in Applied Social Research.

You can follow Holly on Twitter @hollycombe.

Harriet Kilikita (fiction editor)

As a bookworm and feminist, Harriet has a particular interest in feminism within the world of literature and theatre. She really hit her feminist stride at university, getting into rants about gender inequality over pizza and wine. She can often be found eating something new, cooking up a storm or facing the wrong way in a Pilates class. For more food, books and feminism follow her @HKilikita.

Erin Aniker (visual arts editor)

Erin Aniker is an intersectional feminist, freelance illustrator and Arts PR based in London. She is half Turkish, half English and enjoys celebrating and exploring dual identities, cultures and strong women from diverse backgrounds across her illustration work. She creates illustrations for the likes of The Metro Newspaper amongst others and can often be found visiting a mix of exhibitions by established and emerging artists in London and across the UK. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @ErinAniker.

D H Kelly (blogger and editorial support)

D H Kelly had written occasionally for The F-Word before becoming a permanent blogger in 2014 and the features editor from 2015 to 2016. She also blogs at Diary of a Goldfish, where she founded the annual Blogging Against Disablism Day. She also paints portraits, writes novels and is nearly fluent in the invented language, toki pona.

Catherine Redfern (founder)

Catherine Redfern founded The F-Word and was editor from 2001-2007. She is from Tameside, Manchester and has been living in London for about ten years, much to her parents’ annoyance. She is co-author, with Kristin Aune, of Reclaiming The F Word: The New Feminist Movement, a book about the resurgence and reclamation of feminism over the last ten years, today’s issues and today’s feminist activism. The book was published in June 2010 by Zed Books. She hangs out @cathredfern and has various craft obsessions which she blogs about on her infrequently updated, unprofessional, low-key personal blog.

Ania Ostrowska (film editor)

Polish-British post-communist feminist, Ania Ostrowska has lived in London since 2005, having moved here to get an MA in gender studies from SOAS. With her fingers in too many pies, she is also a PhD student researching contemporary British women documentarians at the University of Southampton. Find her on Twitter (representing herself only) @ostrutka.

Amy Grant (guest content editor)

Amy is a publications editor for a national equality body where she produces guidance for people on their rights and blogs about the importance of diversity. She first identified as a feminist when a wonderful English teacher showed her how differently men and women use language. When she isn’t harnessing the mighty powers of writing and editing to tackle discrimination, Amy is obsessing over black holes and gravity, watching roller derby and looking at pictures of French Bulldogs. She tweets @amoirh.

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