Articles by Abigael Watson

Would you miss Mrs?

August's guest blogger Abigael Watson encourages people to choose the title they want rather than automatically accepting whatever is conventional for their marital status

Abigael Watson // 26 August 2014

Categories: Blog

Let’s talk about sex

How can people be reaching 16 without getting useful and relevant sex education? Abigael Watson thinks things need to change so that teens have an understanding of sex that goes beyond the biological explanation from school and the misleading portrayal from porn

Abigael Watson // 23 August 2014

Categories: Blog

The mother of ambitions

Abigael Watson doesn't want to have children. It seems society finds that a difficult message to digest

Abigael Watson // 16 August 2014

Categories: Blog

A generation that needs feminism

Guest blogger Abigael Watson sees that the need for feminism is misunderstood by a lot of school pupils

Abigael Watson // 9 August 2014

Categories: Blog


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