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Ailsa finds the Mooncup a revelation.

Ailsa // 16 September 2003

Categories: Products

Good Housekeeping

Could Good Housekeeping be the most feminist magazine around, asks Ailsa?

Ailsa // 16 February 2003

Categories: Magazines

Response to Lesbians: ignored by mainstream female culture?

Louise queries Ailsa's rant on how mainstream magazines ignore lesbians, and below, Ailsa responds.

Ailsa //

Categories: Magazines

Lesbians: ignored by mainstream female culture?

Why do magazines insist on ignoring lesbians? "All I'm asking for is not to be completely ignored and made to feel as if because I'm a lesbian I'm no longer allowed to be female," explains Ailsa.

Ailsa // 16 January 2003

Categories: Magazines


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