Articles by Alexandra M Kokoli

From public services to public women: a morality tale for the age of austerity

The tabloids' moral stand against the use of NHS funds for cosmetic surgery is only part of their constant attack on the 'undeserving' and public services, argues Alexandra M. Kokoli

Alexandra M Kokoli // 7 April 2014

Categories: Body and Health, Class, Culture and Media, Features

What not to watch

A recent episode of Trinny and Susannah's latest makeover show suggested that women choose to work in supermarkets to hide in the frumpy uniforms. Alexandra M Kokoli reports

Alexandra M Kokoli // 1 January 2008

Categories: Television


Alexandra Kokoli reviews Tracey Emin's Strangeland, which contains autobiographical writings touching on rape, abortion and marginalization.

Alexandra M Kokoli // 4 June 2006

Categories: Books

Not all girls (want to) go to Fendi paradise

In a recent Sunday Times article, Naomi Wolf joined the ranks of those claiming Sex and City is a ground-breaking neo-feminist epic. Alexandra Kokoli discusses Wolf's article and questions whether all that shoe shopping is really as liberating as it appears to be.

Alexandra M Kokoli // 20 August 2003

Categories: Television


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