Articles by Amity Reed

“Choose Your Midwife” Protest – 25th March

Independent midwifery will essentially become illegal in October of this year, impacting on women's reproductive freedom. Amity Reed explains what you can do to stop this happening

Amity Reed // 19 March 2013

Categories: Blog

Radical childbirth

Childbirth. Most people consider it solely the domain of mothers, the secrets and intricacies of which are only shared when one becomes pregnant and chooses to carry a foetus to...

Amity Reed // 20 May 2011

Categories: Blog

‘It’s not RAPE rape’

A flurry of reports on birth rape have prompted a backlash against women who use the term to describe their assault experiences. Amity Reed responds

Amity Reed // 30 September 2010

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism

The Noughtie Girl’s Guide to Feminism

Although Ellie Levenson's feminist primer makes some sensible points, this is undermined by a raft of offensive statements, a defence of rape jokes and a desire to speak only to the young, white, able-bodied, straight, educated and middle-class, argues Amity Reed

Amity Reed // 2 August 2009

Categories: Books

Not a happy birthday

Threatened, intimidated, bullied, violated: this is hospital birth as many mothers experience it. Amity Reed reports on the little-recognised crime of birth rape

Amity Reed // 7 March 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Violence

Maid of the manor

Despite all our advances, men still dominate public life. But if they are so smart, asks Amity Reed, why can't they fathom how to do the housework?

Amity Reed // 30 August 2007

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play


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