Articles by Anna Fioravanti

Kylie Minogue

As a fan of Kylie, Anna Fioravanti finds that writing about the star from a feminist perspective raises deep questions about the nature of feminism itself. Risking judgement, she explains here why Kylie fits comfortably with her own definition of feminism, and why the singer can indeed be a positive role model for women.

Anna Fioravanti // 20 October 2003

Categories: Music

Lady Roxana

Anna Fioravanti explains why Lady Roxanna by Daniel Defoe will always be a special book for her.

Anna Fioravanti // 16 April 2003

Categories: Books

The Hours

Anna Fioravanti isn't sure that 'The Hours' deserves to be considered one of the best films of the year.

Anna Fioravanti //

Categories: Films


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