Articles by Anna Sandfield

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Reading feminist research on the subject of non-verbal behaviour was a revelation to Anna Sandfield. Here she explains how women and men's subconscious body language (touching, sitting, even smiling) can reinforce gender roles - without even being aware of it.

Anna Sandfield // 19 October 2003

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships

Women Who Wrock

Anna Sandfield is delighted to find an internet radio station broadcasting music by female artists and woman-fronted bands.

Anna Sandfield // 20 August 2003

Categories: Music

Ani DiFranco – Royal Festival Hall, June 2003

Anna Sandfield is uplifted and moved at a solo gig by the amazing Ani DiFranco.

Anna Sandfield // 15 July 2003

Categories: Music

Holy Trinity – female characters in The Matrix: Reloaded

Anna Sandfield examines how The Matrix: Reloaded presents its female characters.

Anna Sandfield // 16 June 2003

Categories: Films


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