Articles by Anne Onne

Daily Mail tells women to ‘step back and shut up’

It seems that whenever men or boys fall behind women or girls in any way, the default answer must be that it’s women’s fault. The Daily Mail is normally misogyny...

Anne Onne // 21 June 2008

Categories: Blog

Men! Feminism needs you! (Not your privilege…)

Anne Onne dispenses some advice for men commenting on feminist websites and blogs

Anne Onne // 14 June 2008

Categories: Feminism, Men

The male default, and why this excludes women

It’s a shame that many people just can’t see why assuming men are the default excludes women, so I thought a short post on language would be a good reminder....

Anne Onne // 2 June 2008

Categories: Blog

When is a safe space a safe space?

I was reading over the comments on the Jeremy Clarkson post by Kate Smurthwaite, and it got me thinking – particularly Rhona’s* comment. She said of female commenters (which I...

Anne Onne // 27 May 2008

Categories: Blog

On viability, and why it shouldn’t matter

I’m entirely new to blogging*, and it’s very possible that this is too controversial a topic to be handled by a mere beginner, and that I’ve bitten off more than...

Anne Onne // 22 May 2008

Categories: Blog


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