Articles by Annika Spalding

Girls and gangs

Annika Spalding felt emotional, angry and speechless but moved to action after attending awareness-raising drama She

Annika Spalding // 22 December 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Are you feminist enough?

Wearing your politics on your sleeve can be hard if you're not in an explicitly feminist setting. Annika Spalding mulls over the challenge

Annika Spalding // 12 December 2010

Categories: Feminism

Whose feminism is it?

Is feminism reaching women of colour? How about women who didn't go to university, teenage mums, or women who do not have access to the internet? Annika Spalding calls for change

Annika Spalding // 22 September 2008

Categories: Activism, Family, Feminism, Racism, Work and Play


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