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Indian women are not the world’s daughters

Asiya Islam finds India's Daughter, The BBC documentary on the 2012 gang rape in Delhi, neither educational nor challenging and suggests we question its purpose

Asiya Islam // 12 March 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

Welcome another guest blogger for September!

Another guest blogger for September - D.T. Dragon - hello and welcome!

Asiya Islam // 3 September 2014

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to this week's round up and open thread! Below are some links that we came across that we thought were interesting. As ever, this does not imply endorsement. Feel free to add links of articles that you've been reading and comment on the ones we've posted here.

Asiya Islam // 27 July 2014

Categories: Blog

Weekly round up and open thread

Welcome to the weekly round up and open thread! These are links we came across but didn't have time to blog about. As usual, please note that a link here does not imply endorsement and articles that may be trigerring have been marked as such below. If you came across something interesting, please feel free to add to the comments below. Have a good week!

Asiya Islam // 8 June 2014

Categories: Blog

Weekly round up and open thread

Welcome to the weekly round up of interesting links The F-Word collective members came across, including Hull's rape crisis centre facing closure, women radio presenters under pressure to sound more like men, Harvard students photo project against racism and fetishisation of Lupita Nyong'o.

Asiya Islam // 9 March 2014

Categories: Blog

India’s Western problem

The BBC's recent India: A Dangerous Place to Be a Woman documentary follows a familiar pattern when it comes to Western reporting on violence against women in India says Asiya Islam

Asiya Islam // 20 July 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

Lad culture in universities: new feature and NUS report

The National Union of Students is initiating a discussion on lad culture in higher education, an urgent issue as a new feature by a student on her experience of freshers' week confirms

Asiya Islam // 11 April 2013

Categories: Blog

The ‘back home lot’ – looking for BME women writing online

Though the increasing concern about online misogyny is welcome, Asiya Islam feels that BME women writers are missing from the discussion. She is looking for BME women writers to share experiences

Asiya Islam // 21 February 2013

Categories: Blog


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